$10 Richer! :D

by DanicasDaily on July 7, 2010

HI everyone!  Wow ~ how I’ve missed you all and blogging ~ seriously….has it really been THAT long?!  My camera says yes, but, I guess it really has only been a day or two since I’ve last rambled on :D 

Life has been so insanely busy for us with each day packed full of some fun and some not so fun stuff.  So, to keep my post from being a marathon post, I think I’ll hit the highlights and HOPEFULLY blogging LIFE will go back to normal soon!

I had WEIGH in today and I LOST 1 LB which means my secret savings $10 richer ~ wahoooo!!!

How cute is my leader with the signs she made up ~ I LOVE that the Carrot has MUSCLES!


And this is totally going to be my mantra this week!


CHALLENGE!!! This week she challenged us all to fill half our plates with fruits/veggies at every meal.  I am totally going to focus on doing this ~ anyone want to join in too?  I’d love to hear all the fun ways you get your 5 a day!



Just  a few of my favorite things (aside from leftovers) that we’ve had the past few days.

I LOVE veggie trays, watermelon & Farmer’s Market Fridays!


I LOVE Chipotle Chicken Salads!  Did you all know they have their recipe for their chicken marinade  online? I SO need to try making it!


10 points and worth every HEAPING point.  I <3 Guacamole!


Snackage!  I finally decided to give Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks that I received awhile back a try.


WOW, an entire bag of crackers you can eat for ONLY 1 POINT!


Decent ingredients.


They look like Cheezit’s but I personally think they taste awful ~ like cardboard.  I very rarely have food I can’t eat :D, but, these, I had two and gave them to The Husband.  He said they were ok, but, tasted diety ~ 3.5 stars.


After the All*Star Baseball games that both our nephews have been playing all week, we met some friends at Monsoon Burgers!


I got my garden burger plus MUSHROOMS + AVOCADO+ PEPPERJACK CHEESE ~ If you ever get a veggie burger, have it like this – it was THAT good!


Today I had another new favorite Combo ~ An Amy’s Lu’s Caramelized Red Pepper Chicken Burger ~ Caprese style! (6 points of goodness)


* Earth Grains Thin Bun

* Amy Lu Chicken Burger

* Fresh Mozzarella

* Big, juicy tomato slices

* Fresh basil leaves




There has been a lot of Baseball watching as both nephews made it to the All Stars. 


AND, The Husband’s littlest nephew started playing in the 6 & under league.


I LOVE that they have little girls with pink socks on their team :D


I did pick up a shiny new red gadget to play with too :D


The Husband is tired of hearing our old fashioned clunker ice cream maker so I finally broke down and got the one Cuisinart I’ve always wanted ~ no ice or salt required, ready in 20 minutes for only $39 at Costco!!!!


I LOVE that the freezing container is red too :D


Today’s Wordless Wednesday picture was taken last year when we were driving home.  I had actually forgot about these pictures until a few weeks ago when Meghan at  Travel, Eat, Love posted about someone running off with her husband’s bike.

Alright, I think that brings back up to date!  Get ready tomorrow for that giveaway I promised and hopefully a NORMAL day!

Night all!

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