March 2010

Treadmill Games

March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day all!  Do you ever play games with yourself on the treadmill to make the time fly by?  When I run outside time flies by, I don’t think to look at my Garmin until about .25-.50 of a mile.  However, on the treadmill, I pretty much look after like .10 of a mile! […]

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Last Chance Workout!

March 30, 2010

Happy Biggest Loser Day all!  This morning, I decided to bust out and try my Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout.  I LOVE that this entire workout DVD is by Jillian Michaels.  No offense to Bob or anything, but, I honestly feel like Jillian’s workout DVDs are tougher (like her 30 day Shred!) The DVD gives […]

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Try it, you’ll like it

March 29, 2010

Happy Monday all!  I took advantage of NOT being able to sleep and finally gave up at sleeping at 5 am to get in a 5K (3.1 mile) run.  I forgot how much I LOVE running in the morning ~ it totally wakes you up and starts your day off right.  I felt so fast […]

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March 29, 2010

HAPPY MONDAY ALL!  The FANTASTIC peeps over at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter want to help you get healthier by MAKING OVER YOUR REFRIGERATOR ($100 Grocery Gift Card Included) as part of March’s National Nutrition Month.   Making over your fridge is easier than you think ~ Just follow these EASY STEPS! 1.       Start […]

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Refrigerator Makeover ~ Part 2

March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!!! Today marked STEP 2 of my Fridge Makeover ~ Restock my fridge with fresh, healthy food that will most likely include a new recipe with the fresh taste of butter, the healthier way.  If you missed out on STEP 1 and all the details of my Fridge Makeover Challenge, Click HERE and read […]

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Refrigerator Makeover ~ Part 1

March 27, 2010

Happy Saturday all!  As part of March’s National Nutrition Month the AMAZING people over at I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter contacted me to ask if I’d like to to MAKEOVER MY FRIDGE and make it healthier.  I consider myself a fairly healthy eater, but, I know there is definitely room for improvement so I […]

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Portion Distortion!

March 26, 2010

Happy Friday ~ the day I’ve been waiting for ALL WEEK!  Well, really, I was waiting for the weekend, but, it’s all the same You know I actually managed to RESIST opening my Nut Barn CRUNCHY Almond Butter jar until this morning.  I scooped up a heaping Tablespoon and split it between two slices of […]

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