April 2013

Quick BBQ & Bacon Baked Beans, 3 points+

April 28, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  Yesterday as we got settled back into life, The Husband decided to bust out the BBQ and get his grill on.  As we pondered sides to have with our grill out, we both wanted Brown Sugar Baked Beans.  The recipe might just be the quickest and easiest baked beans you will ever […]

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Carpe Diem!

April 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday all!  This week is one of our biggest conferences of the year and I have been busy having fun, drinking wine!, enjoying a whole lotta deliciousness plus trying to fit in some work too.  I am hoping things settle down a bit after this week ~ thanks for checking in on me!  I […]

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Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Pasta Pizza, 8 points+

April 18, 2013

One of the things I loved about spaghetti night in my house growing up is that I knew the next night would be Pasta Pizza Night!  My Mom would take our leftover spaghetti ~ sauce and all, top it all with a big layer of cheeses, then, bake it for about 15 minutes until it […]

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Meatless Monday: Pasta Pizza

April 15, 2013

Happy Monday all!  I have so many new ideas of recipes I want to try after seeing all your menus this week on yesterday’s post.  Monday is one of my favorite posts not only because I get to see your menus, but, also it’s Meatless Monday!  How many of you went Meatless today? Any Meatless […]

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Loop the Lagoon & This Week’s Menu

April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  Today has been such a fun day even though it totally flew by.  I started off at my Weight Watcher’s meeting, checking in with a 2 lb loss!  As crazy as it sounds, I honestly think I have better success when I am incorporating protein into my diet, versus going Meatless.  It […]

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Have you ever….

April 13, 2013

Had salad for breakfast? I promise I haven’t gone and lost my mind enough to start eating salads for breakfast….but, today, I woke up craving greens and bacon in that order ~ you know because they totally go together right lol. In all fairness, we did have a late breakfast around 10:30 at The Joy […]

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About that Mini Break…..

April 13, 2013

Hey everyone!  Thank you all for the emails and messages checking in on me ~ I love you all ~ seriously.  For the first time in almost 5 years of blogging, I ended up taking an unplanned mini break.  It is sometimes challenging to put your whole life out there for the world to see, […]

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