A Souper Easy Day

by DanicasDaily on February 27, 2010

Happy Saturday, almost Sunday all!  Our Northern California weather has been so odd today.  We started off with it totally storming ~ windy, heavy rain, then, it cleared up to cloudy and by mid afternoon we had full sunshine as though there was never a rain drop around.

Since it was pouring my Sis and I decided to delay our long run until tomorrow, but, The Husband was determined to not let the rain get in the way of his fence project :)  Doesn’t he look cute?!


I started today off with a Grande Dirty Latte since I had to make a Starbuck’s run for the boys working on the fence. (3 pts)


I was running around all morning cleaning house and preparing some AWESOME eats for their lunch ~ Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Homemade Pasta Salad.

Mid morning I was definitely hungry, so I had a 2 point snack ~ LF Colby plus a small banana.


I actually forgot to take pictures of the AWESOME Flat Iron Chaka Steak Sandwiches I made, however, my BAGELwich was pretty darn awesome too!


1 Everything Bagel Thin

2 Tbsp Artichoke Jalapeño Spread

3 oz total Lean Honey Ham and Turkey

Spinach, Tomatoes & Red Onion

I am honestly completely IN LOVE with these 1 point bagel thins!  My entire sandwich was 6 points of chewy, crunchy, spicy goodness!

I scooped up a BIG 3 Point (1 heaping cup) serving of my homemade VEGAN Pasta Salad.  This is The Husband’s FAVORITE salad that I make and I LOVE that it’s loaded with veggies.


9 points all together and I checked off my healthy oils, plus a serving of veggies and lean protein from my healthy guidelines.


I stopped in at Trader Joe’s this afternoon to pick up a few things for the week.  I couldn’t resist picking up some DARK CHOCOLATE PRETZEL THINS!!!


I completely forgot to take a picture before I gave them away to The Husband’s friend, but, I had TWO of these DOUBLE DIPPED thins for ONLY ONE POINT!!  The chocolate is pretty dark and it actually reminds me of an OREO cookie.


I think the best part is that you don’t want to eat the entire bag ~ you only need a couple to satisfy your afternoon sweet craving.


When it was storming this morning, I decided that I would use this Black Bean Soup Mix that one of my FAVORITE FRIENDS gave me for Christmas.  I kinda LOVE how they say Texas Wrangler, she bought it in Texas, yet, it’s made in Illinois :) Funny!

The Nutritionals and Ingredient List definitely get KUDOS from me ~ all natural and nothing funky added.  I followed the recipe that it comes with but adding onion, green bell pepper, Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chilies) plus some Spicy Poblano Cheese Chicken Sausage.

I didn’t add the sausage until I was done cooking the soup.  I “fried” it in nonstick spray then added it so it would be crispy and spicy. 

I topped out bowls with 1 Tbsp of Low Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese, a little CREAMY AVOCADO GOODNEES and 2 tortilla chips crumbled.


It was sorta like a cumin taco soup chili all in one :D  I wish I added corn ~ maybe tomorrow! Tasty and not too bad for 5 pts ~ I honestly LOVE how SOUPER EASY this Frontier Soup Mix was to make.  I will definitely have to check out other soup mixes like this.


There is something about soup that always screams BREAD to me.  I had 1/2 of the last flavor of focaccia breads we picked up at Sam’s ~ Jalapeño and Cheese.  This might actually be my FAVORITE flavor! (3 pts)


I bet the leftovers will be even better as the flavors blend.


Dessert ~ I traded in the Dark Chocolate Covered Banana from TJ’s I had planned for some of these ~I heart Jelly Bellies! (2 pts)


Tomorrow morning my sis and I head out for hopefully a 9-10 mile run ~ Wish us luck!  I am really excited for it and I LOVE catching up with her as the miles add up.  I definitely think it helps on longer runs to have someone to chat with.

One more day to enter my PERFECT NIGHT IN GIVEAWAY!  A winner will be drawn and announced with my post tomorrow night.

Have a great Sunday!

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