Back in The Kitchen with My Weekly Menu

by DanicasDaily on March 18, 2012

Happy Sunday all! I think it’s officially official ~ One sign that I might actually be BEATING this cold is that I am finally back in the kitchen cooking.  I whipped up some Brown Sugar Banana Mini Muffins yesterday just so I could take them to my Weight Watchers Meeting and share today.

We lost a total of 6 LBS together this week!  I am sure eating all that soup probably helped with my 2.2 lb loss, but, I am totally using it at motivation to KEEP that loss this next week.  I am half way to my Easter Goal and have 4 lbs lost towards my Memorial Day goal too!

Breakfast involved 3 Brown Sugar Banana Mini Muffins & a banana with coffee (5 points+)


The Flyers for our Grand Opening Week finally came out too!  I have spent a good part of the weekend getting ready for my presentation on Sunday.

We will be demonstrating all the Weight Watchers Online and Mobile Applications served up with fun items to test out the Scanning App and the breakfast we build in recipe builder too!

Would you all be interested in having me post my presentation on here for you next week?


After discussing all the details with our leader, we headed over to Panera for lunch.

I ordered the Pick Two.

1/2 BBQ Chicken Salad (7 points+)


Then, I decided to join The Husband today in getting the tomato soup in a bread bowl. 

BIG NOTE to self ~ ALWAYS check the stats BEFORE eating it because I probably wouldn’t have got the bowl.

The Soup with croutons alone was 8 points+.


Luckily I was too full to eat the bread, bread top and only ate half my bowl (4 points+)


Before leaving this morning, I put a Trader Joe’s Corned Beef in the slow cooker with broth just so we could have our “Official” Irish Celebration tonight. I totally wanted this meal yesterday but knew the sodium would be BAD right before weigh in.

Are you a corned beef or cabbage person? For me it’s ALL about The Cabbage ~ weird, but, true.

3 oz corned beef (3 points+)


Then again, there are these amazing“Fried” Potatoes, Peppers & Onions

(1 lb red potatoes, 2 bell peppers, 1 onion) Fried up in 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, Garlic Salt and Black Pepper (4 points+)


Plus half a plate of cabbage that is “steamed” in the corned beef broth while the potatoes cooked.




What is one GREEN thing you ate on St. Patrick’s Day?

I really wanted to make a Green Smoothie, but, the only “green” I ate was the mixed greens in my BLTA.

Night all!

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