31 days of Yoga

Happy "BE GREEN" Day!

March 17, 2009
Clover Cookie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all ~ Hopefully you remembered your green, but, if you are like some I know, you don’t mind the pinches you get for not 😀 Today is a super busy day at work as I am responsible for hosting our fun today. I LOVE it, but, it can be quite demanding. […]

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Checking things off my list feels great

March 15, 2009

This morning I woke up feeling productive and have made a big dent in my todo list already. I am feeling so accomplished and it’s not even noon. I wasn’t really feeling breakfast this morning so I made up a quick smoothie. This really hit the spot and was surprisingly filling. In the mix: 4 […]

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Yoga for MY Buns!

March 14, 2009

After dinner and while The Husband showered/relaxed I decided to get my daily dose of Yoga. Today I picked Yoga For Buns from yogadownload.com. I honestly LOVED this session. I felt like I was so strong, balanced and could really see my progress in Yoga. I really liked the flow of this session – you […]

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Starting my day with a little Morning Flow…

March 11, 2009
03/11/09 Upclose

This morning I struggled a bit to get out of bed after staying up way too late to watch The Biggest Loser AND Law and Order. I really do love both shows and once The Biggest Loser was over, I told myself I was not tired so I should stay up longer 😀 It felt […]

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50% off Yogadownload.com and your favorite?

March 11, 2009

Last night I chose to do Gentle Hatha #1 from yogadownload.com. I have learned this is my goto yoga of choice when I do not feel like working out. It is perfect for the evening time and settling in for relaxation. I managed to fit it in right before The Biggest Loser and then thoroughly […]

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Cleaning & Detoxing with Yoga

March 10, 2009
Hermie, my crab

Ok, I will let you all in on one of my secrets. I am allergic to just about every animal and bird that exists so I cannot really own any pets. We do have an outdoor kitty who adopted us that we LOVE, but, our only indoor pet is my Hermit Crab, a.k.a. Hermie! I […]

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Detox Yoga really works

March 9, 2009

I almost forgot to post about today’s yoga ~ oops. Today I was sort of in a little bit of a funk, but, for no apparent reason. I got to sleep in, it was the weekend, it’s sunny….life is good, why be funky? I really think it might have been because I started my day […]

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