The “Love” Train

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day all!  Thank you all for all the nice comments on my BLTA Lettuce Wrap post.  It really made my day to wake up and read them.  I told The Husband that we were going to exchange our Hearts Day Cards tonight, but, he couldn’t wait.  When I walked into work and opened […]

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Simple Start Day 14:My 40th Birthday Celebration

January 19, 2014

Happy Sunday all!  Thank you all for the birthday wishes over the past few days.  It’s so fun that some of you have celebrated my last 5 birthdays on my site.  I have to say this birthday by far is my most spoiled birthday.  I have had so much fun celebrating and I cannot believe […]

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Inner “Peas”

June 15, 2013

Happy Weekend all!  Thank you all so much for checking in on me and for all the messages (my favorite tweet #whereitheworld is @danicasdaily” ~ like Where’s Waldo?! lol.  I missed all of you so much too!  I cannot begin to tell you all how much I missed my daily rambling, cooking in the kitchen […]

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Loop the Lagoon & This Week’s Menu

April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  Today has been such a fun day even though it totally flew by.  I started off at my Weight Watcher’s meeting, checking in with a 2 lb loss!  As crazy as it sounds, I honestly think I have better success when I am incorporating protein into my diet, versus going Meatless.  It […]

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The Birthday Recap!

January 20, 2013

Happy Weekend all!!  Thank you so much for all the Birthday Wishes you all have sent me the past few days ~ you all really know how to make a girl feel loved!  I have had such a fun few days celebrating my 39th Birthday and it all started off with The Husband actually mailing […]

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Here comes Santa Claus….

December 1, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus….ok, so how many of you starting to sing it?! It’s ok, you can admit it lol.  We have had such a fun and festive day today officially kicking off the Holiday Season with two great events….Stopping to check out Santa on his Macy’s Whirlwind National Tour and The Husband’s work holiday […]

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Barefoot Contessa Sighting

November 15, 2012

Thanks everyone for all the congrats on my new job.  I am incredibly excited to work in the wine industry and for such a great company.  I cannot wait to share my adventures in wine with you all.  For those who asked what I will be doing, I am a numbers girl and will be […]

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