Finding My New Normal

October 7, 2014

Happy Tuesday all! This year has been quite the year and while I love the Fall Season (actually from October – December as I think everyone is happier this time of year!), I have to say I am definitely ready for 2015.  Is it too early to say that?  I have started and stopped this […]

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Talk Soon!

July 21, 2014

Hi All! As our vacation winds down and I am hopeful work levels off when I return, I wanted to pop in really quickly to say Hiya. I plan on getting back into my groove this week which means back to posting regularly and sharing some of our really cool travel adventures + eats this […]

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Blah day….

February 3, 2014

Happy Monday all!  I think it’s awesome that you all get just as excited as I do over making the Southwestern Egg Muffins.  I think these my be my favorite egg muffin recipe yet and that is over the Taco Muffins that you’ve watched me eat all the time over the past few years. I […]

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Be back soon….

January 25, 2014

Hi everyone, this is Jay aka “The Husband”.  Danica wanted me to do a post to let you know she will be back in a few days.  She finally went to the doctor’s on Thursday after chest X-rays, etc. the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. They caught it early, she has been in bed resting […]

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Catching up soon….

September 8, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  Thank you all for the emails, Facebook messages, tweets, etc. and for checking in on me the past few weeks.  Even though I haven’t had a chance to respond to everyone yet, I want you all to know I’ve read every message I’ve received and smiled.  It’s really nice knowing you all […]

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About that Mini Break…..

April 13, 2013

Hey everyone!  Thank you all for the emails and messages checking in on me ~ I love you all ~ seriously.  For the first time in almost 5 years of blogging, I ended up taking an unplanned mini break.  It is sometimes challenging to put your whole life out there for the world to see, […]

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Secret Sauce

January 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday all!  I am so glad you all enjoyed the Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Menu Ideas.  I honestly love hosting or going to parties just so I have a reason to try a new recipe to share.  The best part is you can try a little and not have any leftovers to sit […]

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