Coffee or Wine?

by DanicasDaily on December 8, 2012

Happy Saturday all!  Yesterday was such a fun day and a day I have been waiting for ever since I found out that our work holiday party was going to be held at Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa.  I was excited to try the food by John Ash & Co, but, more importantly, I was able to experience one of the places by Ferrari-Carano ~ the people in the book I told you I was reading last month called A Very Good Year. 


I wish I had arrived earlier so I could have snapped pictures in the day light ~ everything looked so beautiful lit up at night.  I told The Husband that just means we have to go back Winking smile


Our holiday party was held in the events center.  I give major kudos to Vintner’s for decking out all the “serious” business conference rooms in festive holiday style.


All of the wines served with dinner were part of the Accolade family of wines ~  XYZin from our old vines, Geyser Peak and BanRock Station.  BanRock Station is one of our Australian Brands and they make a delicious red wine called Crimson Cabernet that tastes just like sweet berries ~ it is one of my favorites so far and I think it would be pretty tasty served over ice or spritzed with fizzy water.


Before I dive into the food, I just have to tell you all that I tracked visually with pictures, but, decided to just enjoy the day and not worry about the points+.  I kept breakfast & lunch incredibly light so I was ready to dive in as soon as we walked in the door.

I chose the Roasted Mary’s Organic Chicken and The Husband chose the Zinfandel Beef Braised Short Ribs so we could try two of the three choices.


I ordered my salad sans stinky cheese, but, The Husband braved the stink and liked it (just like Mikey!)  I really loved the fig vinaigrette and the candied pistachios.


The sour dough rolls were served with butter that was drizzled with a rosemary olive oil. 


I like how the chicken was simply roasted with sea salt & black pepper.  It tasted even better when you mixed it in the earthy thyme mushroom sauce with a little of the smashed red potatoes.


The Husband’s beef ribs were so tender you only needed your fork to cut them.  His dish reminded me of a Sunday pot roast that is served with carrot and potatoes.  His potatoes gratin were amazing….the potatoes, butter, and cheese literally melted in your mouth with each bite.


The Chocolate Mouse Cake was so rich and velvety however, my favorite part was the hazelnut brittle on the plate,  Don’t worry, I resisted licking my plate since there were so many people around lol.


I also totally dig they had a coffee bar to go with dessert.  It was hard to choose which to drink with my cake ~ the red wine or the coffee so I alternated…I am pretty sure everyone at my table thought I was crazy for doing that Open-mouthed smile


It was such a fun night and honestly I love being at my job even more.  Everyone is so incredibly nice, fun and we both felt so welcome that it was like we had known everyone for years.

This morning, we both woke up craving bacon & breakfast (in that order too!).  Not just any breakfast place, but, one of our favorite local places…. The Joy of Eating.  You all know I LOVE their BLTA’s and their tasty Asian salad, but, I LOVE their breakfast probably more.

Veggie Omelet without cheese and with egg whites, cooked without oil or butter


….it’s loaded with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, tomatoes and it’s only 2 points+!


What makes everything they make amazing is their sweet, Hawaiian homemade bread.


I always get it “dry” (no butter), top 1 slice with Blackberry Jam and slice in quarters.


Add 2 slices of their THICK Apple Wood Smoked Bacon…..


To make a BACONWICH!!!  (8 points+) (Thanks Tracey for showing me the way!)


Finished with fruit instead of hashed browns ~ not too shabby for a 10 points+ breakfast!


We spent the entire day getting in our Christmas shopping for our families.  I am proud to say we are 2/3’s of the way done which is a pretty big success considering there are like 30 people in our families we have to buy for.

We also made a stop at Trader Joe’s and Sam’s Club where we both picked out one thing we wanted for dinner.

I picked making a big fruit salad that we shared with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, a persimmon, orange and fuji apple (all 0 points+ and Simply Filling!)


He picked Rosemary Focaccia Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 2 slices for 3 points+ plus 2 point+ for the olive oil.


What can I say….sometimes, you have to eat what you crave.


I am so glad tomorrow is a new week to reset.  I am not expecting too much at the scales this week since I had such a big loss last week.

See you all tomorrow with my Weekly Menu and if time permits my Active Link 12 Week Challenge summary and thoughts.


If you had to choose just one drink to have with your dessert, what would it be?  Coffee or Wine?

Night all!

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