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by DanicasDaily on May 28, 2011

Happy Saturday all!  Thanks for sharing your Healthy Memorial Day Recipe ideas.  I LOVE having one post that I can check out each holiday to get new ideas from everyone for things to cook up.  I will try to continue the series going forward in July (and hopefully with my new Recipe Page ~ it will be so much easier!)

Time to catch up…..Let’s see if I can keep it short Open-mouthed smile


My day started off with a NICE surprise!  As I went to step on the scale, I was mentally thinking….”just let me maintain, just let me maintain”.  I tried to eat intuitively at BlogHERFood11 ~ only eating what I really wanted and skipping the things I could eat anytime.  I also made sure I shared everything and got in a lot of walking with ALLIE!

Seriously ~ I think I owe my success at BlogHERFood to her.

DRUM ROLL……I LOST 2 LBS this week Open-mouthed smile!

Of course, I made sure I didn’t eat anything until AFTER I stepped on the scale.  I took my banana and coffee with me to snack on after weigh in.


I wasn’t super hungry so I decided to go with some more Quaker Oat Squares.  I measured out 4 points+ (42 grams according to their mini packs).


We get out of work early the Friday before a holiday so TJ of TJ’s Test Kitchen and I decided to get together for an impromptu “Leftovers Lunch”.

1 cup of Spicy Asian Noodles with Chicken (5 points+)


1/2 serving Kale with BACON & Cannellini Beans (2 points+)


and the MOST DELICIOUS Crunchy Kale Apple Salad that TJ made up.  She is going to post the recipe soon I think (if not, I am re-creating it and posting Winking smile) (2 points+)


Pretty good lunch for not cooking at all and just putting our fridges together huh?!


Since I had the afternoon off and a big bag of Scharfeen Berger Baking Chunks that I received at BlogHERFood11, we decided some baking was in order.


I LOVE BIG chunks of good chocolate!


We modified THIS Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe using all dark chocolate chunks, a banana and an additional 1/2 cup of flour.


1 cookie is 3 points+, 2 are 5 points+ ~ but when served with a bunch of delicious zero points+ fruit and coffee….1 is enough!


When I got home The Husband wanted to catch a movie and go to Chipotle.  I got the usual mix.


* Lettuce (0)

* Chicken (5)

* Pico de Gallo (0)

* Corn Salsa (2)

* A little cheese (less than a serving) (2)


We originally planned on watching The Hangover 2, but, there were 3 lines waiting just to get INTO the movie.  So, we saw Bridesmaids and it was AWESOME!  It’s sort of like the girl version of The Hangover Open-mouthed smile

MOVIE SNACKS! We brought our own “popcorn”!  I packed up mini Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates Booty bags for us to snack on.


I LOVE BOOTY so I ALWAYS pre-portion it out into 7 baggies so I keep my portions in check. Open-mouthed smile


4 points+ for 1/7th of the bag (it’s a lot!).  I only managed half my bag.



I was up bright and early this morning to run to Starbuck’s with The Husband.

Venti Iced Coconut Dirty Latte (FF Latte with 1 pump mocha & 1 pump coconut) (4 points+)


We we got back home, I cooked us up eggwiches (6 points+)


Then, I shopped and shopped and shopped!  I think I know WHY I plan out my meals BEFORE I go shopping. I a pretty sure I bought every fruit/vegetable at the Farmer’s Market, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club and our Local Grocery Store Open-mouthed smile

When I got home, I was starving and didn’t want to take the time to cook.  I decided to whip up one of the meals I used to make all the time when I was in college…..

It’s like cooking without really cooking because you simply throw things together in a pan and lunch is ready.


Secret Ingredient #1 ~ YakiSoba Noodles.  You buy these packages in the produce section next to the Tofu and dressings.


I don’t use the seasoning pack inside ~ just the noodles ~ 1/2 a package is 5 points+


Secret Ingredient #2 ~ Trader Joe’s Marinated Chicken Breasts (any store sells these too).  I used to use them to make up “teriyaki” bowls with rice and broccoli in college.


4 points+ per chicken breast.


Heat 2 tsp Canola Oil in a large skillet over medium high heat and add veggies.  Stir fry until softened and slightly browned, about 5 minutes.


Add your noodles (I heat them for 1 minute in the microwave first to make them easier to work with).  Add 1/4 cup Teriyaki Sauce and 1/4 cup water.  Cook for 2 minutes.


Add sprouts and cook an additional minute.


Add 1 cut up chicken breast and cook 1 additional minute.


You get HALF of the pan for 8 points+ ~ that’s a lot of “Chicken/Veggie Chow Mein”


2 cups worth! 


Dessert was another Dark Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Cookie (3 points+)


I actually had a fancy dinner planned but I just wasn’t that hungry.  The funny thing about stocking up your fridge/freezer is that you want to eat everything all at once or at least I do LOL.

So, I went with it! 

I will be the first to tell you I think Soy Hot Dogs are just plain nasty….but, Soy Corn Dogs are AWESOME!


ALWAYS cook them in the oven though, don’t do the microwave thing….


4 points+ each.


I totally fed my inner kid today …. because sometimes you just have to do that!

1 crunchy corn dog


Plus fun dipping sauces


Equals 1 delicious dinner (even if I STILL can’t convince The Husband to try it ~ more for me!)


With Crunchy Baked Sour Cream & Cheddar Ruffles on the side (points+)


and cherries for dessert!



* Shannon shares a deliciously easy 8 points+ Crockpot Chicken Bake ~ Click HERE!


What is one meal you LOVE to eat today that you used to eat all the time as a kid?

Mac & Cheese will ALWAYS be #1 on my list, next to buttered noodles….After that, you can insert corn dogs, chips, and banana peanut butter sandwiches!

I am so far behind on your emails and comments, but, I plan on catching up before the long weekend is over.  Thanks for being patient (sometimes you just don’t want to be on the computer!)

Night all!

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