Crockpot Steel Cut Oats w/Peaches & Blueberries

by DanicasDaily on March 22, 2010

Last night I decided it’s been too long since I’ve made up a big batch of Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats.  Steel Cut Oats are My FAVORITE type of oat because they are completely unrefined and they have such a chewy texture that almost “pops” in your mouth.  I am pretty sure once you try REAL Steel Cut Oats (NOT the Quick Cooking Kind), it will be hard for you to go back to regular oatmeal.  This recipe is so easy and you wake to a big pot of Steel Cut Oats.




3 C Steel Cut Oats (I used Trader Joe’s)

1/4 C Ground Flax Seeds

8 C water

2 Cinnamon Sticks

1 Tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract (I used Bourbon Vanilla :D)

Pinch of Salt, optional

1 lb frozen peaches

1-2 c frozen blueberries


1.  Spray your crock pot with nonstick spray or use a crock pot liner.  DO NOT SKIP this step you will be scrubbing for days.

2.  Combine all the ingredients in your crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours.

3.  Remove cinnamon sticks.  Serve with your favorite toppings.  I LOVE making this into a dessert and using brown sugar, whipped butter and coconut.

Makes 10 cups, 4 points per cup.

Nutritional information per serving (I think this estimate is high ~ calculated at

Calories 216.8, Total Fat 4.6 g, Saturated Fat 0.1 g, Polyunsaturated Fat 0.8 g, Monounsaturated Fat 0.2 g, Cholesterol 0.0 mg, Sodium 51.9 mg, Potassium 97.0 mg, Total Carbohydrate 39.4 g, Dietary Fiber 6.8 g, Sugars 9.7 g, Protein 6.9 g

I didn’t really do any step by steps for this recipe.  I fill my crock pot to the brim and all the fruit rises at it cooks over night.


Once you mix it all up, it looks like delicious oats with firm fruit.  It freezes AWESOME too, just be sure to portion into 1 cup containers.  A little water might be needed when heating.


I made a BIG 6 point bowl of comfort ~ topped with 1/2 Tbsp Whipped Butter, 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar and a sprinkle of unsweetened organic coconut.


MELTED brown sugar + whipped butter = CARAMEL ~ this tastes just like PEACH COBBLER in every bite if you don’t mix it up!


Mid morning I snacked on a LF Cabot Cheese and small Banana (2 pts)


Last night I was sort of on a roll with preparing foods for the week.  I whipped up a Batch of Harvest Grain Salad.  I had a 1/2 cup (4 pt) serving over mixed greens with mini peppers, an 1/8 of Avocado (1 pt) and Beniisimo Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar.


Flavored Balsamic Vinegars are my FAVORITE salad topper because they add pretty much zero calories and TONS of flavor.


Since I am debating if I have a cold or not, I added a cup of Muir Glen Organic Chicken Noodle Soup for good measure (2 pts).


And a perfectly hard boiled egg ~ 2 points of Protein

IMG_1298 IMG_1297

My AWESOME co-worker brought me my FAVORITE ChocoLOVE bar today so I knew that my afternoon snack was ALL ABOUT CHOCOLOVE!


Several of you have ask if their chocolate is really THAT good or why I LOVE it.  To me, it’s awesome because they include FULL SIZED ALMONDS plus just hints of sea salt with a super creamy, smooth dark chocolate.  I had 6 squares for 3 points (160 calories) which is totally worth it!


By the time I got home, I was pretty much feeling like I have a cold.  I decided I NEEDED some spicy soup to scare my cold away.  Awhile back, I saw that Biz made THIS VEGETABLE PHO soup and I have been wanting to make it ~ PHO is one of my FAVORITE soups around!  I wanted her entire meal actually but I was too lazy to make it all so I put a spin on it!

I started off combining the broth, ginger, jalapeño, pepper corn and cinnamon chips.  I was hesitant to add the cinnamon but it honestly added an AMAZING new level of flavor.


While my broth boiled, I chopped up some veggies I had on hand ~ cabbage, carrots, green onion and cilantro.


I pulled out some of the TJ’s MINI Chicken Cilantro Won Tons that I used when I made my Chicken Cilantro Potsticker Veggie Soup.


I removed everything in the chicken broth and added the cabbage and carrots.  I cooked them for 5 minutes, then added 12 mini wontons plus the jalepeno slices, oyster sauce and sriracha.  I let it cook for 2 minutes.


Tadahhhh! 4 points of deliciousness!


But, you know I couldn’t leave it alone ~ I doused it with more Sriracha!  Super HOT ~ hopefully I “singed” my cold away!


I think I could eat a million of these mini won tons ~ so good!


See, I actually did buy the won ton/pot sticker wrappers to make her Thai Basil Won Ton Cups too, but my cold wouldn’t let me :) So, I ended up just baking 5 of them at 350 for 8 minutes.  They are pretty tasty and would be awesome topped with some parmesan and black pepper. (2 pts)


I washed it all down with some Sobe Forti-FIGHT!


Plus, broke out my Greenergy to take along with my vitamins.



* I WON!! Biz held a giveaway to celebrate her birthday last week and I was the LUCKY winner today ~ woohoo!  Check out what I won – SO EXCITED!  Thanks BIZ!

 * Tomorrow (03/23) Is FREE Pastry Day @Starbucks ~ Get a FREE pastry w/any drink order PRINT YOUR COUPON and tell me what you got!

* Not that this is related to anything in particular, but, this cool chart for Food Storage came in my Eat Clean Diet Newsletter ~ thought I’d share.

My book and BED are calling my NAME ~ I hope this COLD goes AWAY soon!

Night all!

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