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by DanicasDaily on November 29, 2012

Happy Thursday all!  I have had a blast sharing our Jamaican vacation with you all.  I think I have pretty much decided there are still so many things to try and to do in Jamaica after hearing about your vacations.  I saved the best recap for last ~ The Food!

While I did miss having Turkey with all the fixin’s this year, the resort did go all out by decorating with fall leaves and straw hat people on the beach.  Nope, they didn’t have jerk turkey but I imagine that would’ve been awesome!


Our first trip each day was to visit the Perfect Coffee People.  They could pretty much whip up any coffee, espresso, tea or coffee+ alcohol drink you could imagine – hot or iced.

I loved them and Blue Mountain Coffee…I made sure I stopped by a few times a day Winking smile


The World Café Buffet is the only place open for breakfast at the Secrets Resort, but, they really do have a station for everything you could imagine from eggs to cereal to pastries and international breakfasts.

My breakfasts usually stayed close to the same.  I would get a veggie egg white omelet with all the veggies, no cheese and drumroll please… BACON!


I did venture out once and try the “Jamaican” breakfast sort of – I couldn’t do fish in the am, but, did try the beans, potatoes and greens.


We are spoiled on our fruit here….while they had the traditional fruit we have in the US, the best fruits were the locally grown versions and the imported grapes.

I am not really a fan of star fruit.


But, I do like the soursop.


There are 3 restaurants open for lunch along with the Barefoot Grill and several food vendors on the property.  Lunch almost always involved big salads of all types at their make your own salad bar.


And sometimes a build your own wrap….all veggies plus pepper jack & BACON!


This guy is by far my BFF!! We seriously would walk around the resort each day looking for the Jamaican BBQ Chicken Cart Guy.  I ate it every day we were at the resort!


It doesn’t look good, but, I guarantee it will have you licking the plate.  It’s this moist, smoky chicken that has a delicious spicy (think cajun) rub on it and it’s topped with a Jamaican Jerk BBQ sauce that is a little spicy and a little sweet.


The other two people I loved were the coconut and fruit Rasta Guys.


You would just pick out the fruit you wanted to eat and they would take the machete’s out and peel it so you could eat it right there….The whole pineapple is the best!


The Husband’s favorite stop was the self serve ice cream machine.  We pretty much had daily contests to see who could “build” the best cone.


A few times a week they would have cocktail parties that you could attend before dinner to snack on appetizers and have rum punches or whatever drink you fancied.


Looks pretty, right?  The pineapple is really the only fruit that tastes delicious in Jamaica ~ probably because it is locally grown.


The parties always have a fantastic view of the outdoor ocean fish aquarium or the ocean as the sun sets.


Almost every restaurant is open at night, but, they do alternate nights off.  At Secrets, they have restaurants that are: Italian, French, Jamaican, Mexican, Japanese, Thai/Chinese, Steakhouses x’s 2 and a Buffet that serves anything else you might like, including late night snacks until 2 am.

The one thing I LOVE about this place is no reservations are required and we only waited one time for 5 minutes.


You have your choice of sitting inside or outside looking out at the ocean and sunset.  We always chose outside.


My “date” was always doing something clowny each night….this is his bread cigar impression.


The only problem about dining outside is that the ONLY light you have is the candle on your table which isn’t great for pictures (I refuse to use flash, ever!)  All of the food was pretty tasty….even when we ate at the Buffet for Rib Night (ribs prepared in every nationality!)

This was my “surf and turf” dish ~ filet mignon, shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes & veggies.


At the steakhouse, I ordered grilled shrimp & bbq ribs with pesto mashed potatoes & veggies.  It really was as good as it sounded!


There was usually a band or show going on that you could watch after the sun set while you had dinner or after dinner during another cocktail hour.


My personal favorite was Himitsu….Japanese, Chinese & Thai Food in one….what else do you need?!


They even have HIbachi Grills to cook in front of you!


Our Jamaican Grill Chef was hilarious….the skits they put on will have you cracking up the entire time.


This was the appetizer you start with at the Hibachi Grill ~ hello sushi with two types of hot sauce!




Action shot!


The veggies were my favorite along ~ I love that they included greens in the mix – go local!


They give you steak, chicken and shrimp, but, the shrimp was the best of the three.


You also have the choice of doing a sit down dinner instead of the HIbachi Grill which we did on our last night instead of going to Surf & Turf night (can you believe it? It was a tough choice for me lol.)


You can choose vegetable miso or hot miso….both are delicious and come with noodles!


The spring roll appetizer with hot chili sauce….we also shared the potstickers.


Shrimp Prik King ~ believe it or not, this tasted almost as authentic as the places back here.  This was probably my favorite dish (aside from the Jerk Chicken) that we had all week long.


We shared the pad thai with shrimp which reminded me of top ramen….still tasty though.


His “cheater” chop stix…..notice anything funny about them ~ clown Winking smile


Lunch was included on the two excursions we took.  First up was the Ultimate Jerk Center.


You get Jerk Pork & Jerk Chicken served family style with this crazy hot jerk sauce on the side that was so incredibly good.


This bread is made out of Cassava….I think she called it a johnny cake.


This is a “Festival” ~ it’s made with cornmeal, flour & sugar and tastes just like fried corn bread.


I’d go back just to go to this place….it doesn’t look fancy, but, it’s smoky, spicy, sweet, and just plain good.


Before we did the Dunn Falls Hike and Snorkel, we had mild jerk chicken (like bbq chicken), peas & rice, salad and two types of sweet breads.  The cinnamon spice bread was my favorite – soft, sweet and sort of like a cinnamon roll.


The one recommendation I would make if you go to Jamaica is to upgrade your departure using Club Mobay.  This was probably the BEST $30 we spent on the trip.  Not only do you get to fast track service (no waiting through immigration), you get to wait in this lounge where they have free wifi, tv’s, a place to get pedicures or massages, showers, and feed you all types of food.


CATCHING UP ON JAMAICA ~ Here are my other two recaps:


Have you ever had Jamaican food?  What did you have and did you like it?

See you all later!

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