Firecracker Chicken is back!

by DanicasDaily on February 5, 2014

Happy Biggest Loser Finale day all!  As I was getting ready for work this morning, The Husband declared he was “in charge” of breakfast this morning.  It cracked me up because I knew that meant he was up to something since we pretty much already had our Southwestern Egg Muffins ready to go.

In his creative style, he decorated our muffins with a little 2% extra sharp cheddar to add in a different color with a little on the plate to make it fancy.  He told me to take a picture like this….


Then, proceeded to count out ~ “two for me and two for you” along with offering me the bottle of sriracha.


I have to say I am impressed with the fact that he used a butter knife to cut our fruit…seriously, we must have sharp butter knives or something because if I did that this would look like mush.


I still love these muffins ~ (SS/SF) – 4 points+


I think my appetite is finally returning because about 3 hours later I was hungry.  So, let’s talk hummus.  I know that “technically” there isn’t a single hummus listed as a power food in the Weight Watchers Tracker other than something called hummus base which frankly makes me wonder what “hummus base” is.


When I come across a product that is not listed, I always check the ingredients to see if it has all ingredients that would be power foods and which would add points+.

In this case, the tahini is pretty much the only thing that does. I am not really sure why since tahini is just ground up sesame seeds.  That being said, a little goes  along way and this entire container has probably 2 Tbsp. or 5 points+ in.


Spread that over 10 servings and it equals about 0 points+ a serving.


I always debate stirring in the peppers or scooping a little with each bite.


IN the end, I almost always stir so I get a little in every scoop.


Served up with 9 Cole’s Cracked Pepper Crackers that I picked up in Australia.  I am so in love with these crackers because the black pepper gives them a little heat. (SS/SF + 3 WPA) – 5 points+.


I am so glad that I have fast, healthy, grab and go lunches for each day this week since work is so incredibly busy.

Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup 100% Simply Filling (SF/SS) – 5 points+


Served up with my last cutie…I am sad these are gone Sad smile


I really, really wanted BBQ chips this afternoon.  After debating it with my co-worker, we decided on Starbuck’s because you know chips, latte, it’s all the same.  In a strange way though, it worked!

Tall non-fat latte with caramel drizzled on top. (SS/SF) – 3 points+


I ended up working pretty late so about 4 hours later, I snacked on a mini fuji apple with 2 Tbsp. trail mix to tied me over. (SS/SF + 2 WPA) – 2 points+


When I walked in the door, The Husband said he had something to show me.  He actually took a paper towel to cover up his lottery ticket because he wanted to see my reaction to what it said.


My first reaction was ~ you spent $20 on one ticket – crazy! LO! Then, I looked closer and saw “Jackpot”…..ohhhh, what did you win?!?!


He said he did the same thing ~ like, OMG, I won the $5 Million…..Ha! Nope, those tricky lottery peeps ~ “Jackpot” in this case, just means, you win all the “"$2 prizes” on the ticket.


Since it was about 9 pm and neither of were going to cook, we headed over to Panda Express.

And guess what ~ They had Fire Cracker Chicken!!! It only comes out for a limited time each year during Chinese New Year. I’ve also recreated it, so you can make it anytime. You can find the recipe here.

It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s totally amazing….if you go, you have to try it while they have it!

(SS/SF) – 5 points+


String Bean Chicken (SS/SF) – 4 points+


Guess what else they now serve ~ Brown Rice!!  I usually pick the steamed veggies on the side instead of chow mein or rice to get my veggies on, but, I have no doubt, I may be splitting that with a 1/2 portion of brown rice too (SS/SF) – 1 points+.


Whenever I go out to eat, I do my best to find “Simply Filling Like”  foods.  This means, for the most part they would fit into Simply Filling although not “technically” a Power Foods.  I also try to make sure the points+ are not crazy making it not so Simply Filling Like.

I counted my entire plate as SS/SF but if you count it, the entire dish is only 10 points+ ~ deal!


Here are my stats today:

  • Simple Filling (SF): 5 WPA (Weekly Points Allowance) used, 32 WPA remaining
  • 29 Daily Points+ 0 WPA used, 49 WPA remaining
  • Here is my Fitbit Dashboard (although, I am still not back to exercising until my lungs are better)


Last chance to enter to Win a Year of Healthy Meal Plans ~ I draw the winner tonight! Click here and go enter now!

Catch up with you all later.

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Jill February 5, 2014 at 9:30 am

I saw your recipe for split pea soup and really want to try it. Since we aren’t planning on having ham anytime soon, can I just buy a ham bone from the butcher?


Christine Y. February 5, 2014 at 10:06 am

Dinner at Panda express tonight for sure!!



Shirley person February 5, 2014 at 11:06 am

Definitely will check out Panda Express…yum, absolutely luv Hummus!
Thanks Danica!


Catherine Beaudet February 5, 2014 at 11:13 am

Grats to hubby for winning $50. A win is a win, I always say.

Panda Express sounds soooo good. Wish we had one in Ottawa.


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