Grill It ~ Chicken Sausage & Veggie Skewers!

by DanicasDaily on February 26, 2011

Happy Saturday all!  Today has been such a FUN and fantastic day.  I slept in, made a delicious breakfast, had a “lunch and movie” date with The Husband and whipped up quite possibly one of my new all time FAVORITE recipes for dinner.

Thanks for being my cheer leaders and leaving such nice comments on my last post.  I found myself shaking my head and agreeing with each comment I read.  I also LOVED reading what you all were not willing to give up.  I thought for sure everyone would say chocolate, but, you all are a healthy bunch with great taste in CHEESE, coffee, eggs, apples, bread, cashews, the list goes on!

One The Husband was up, I made us Eggwiches.

Egg Sandwich

* 2 Slices Trader Joe’s Fat Free Multi-Grain Bread (3 points+)

* 1 “fried” egg topped with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper (2 points+)

* 1 tsp Whipped Butter on one half of the bread (1 point+)

Together with some Trader Joe’s Cocoa Coffee ~ I had to think if it was an “alien” or my camera in my coffee when I first grabbed the picture Smile

cup of joe

We lounged around this morning doing laundry, reading and watching Van Wilder Freshman Year (hilarious!) Once we decided to get ready, we headed out to do a little shopping at Costco then, stopped for lunch at Mary’s Pizza Shack.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their salad and often get a big one just for my main meal.  But, today, I really wanted the Pizza & Salad Combo. 

I started with their small salad and my dressing on the side using my fork to dip with each bite. (3 points+)

the best salad i ever ate

Then, I moved onto my slice of MUSHROOM PIZZA that was seriously as big as my head…maybe bigger.  Glad, I got THIN crust! I am counting it as 2 slices (10 points+)

mary's pizza shack

THIS is the reason I LOVE their pizza so much…check out all the “shrooms” they give you! Worth every bite…..I am pretty sure The Husband was wondering if I was going to share any today but I didn’t Open-mouthed smile

vegetarian pizza

After lunch we went and saw HALL PASS.  It was pretty funny, but, kind of different than what we thought it would be like based on the previews.  Still a great movie though.

Dinner tonight was courtesy of Roni and her fancy new Green Lite Bites Cookbook

I LOVE this cookbook for so many reasons, but, mainly because the recipes are SIMPLE.

Green Lite Bites

The pictures are amazing and I LOVE the TIPS at the bottom of each recipe.  She really put a lot of thought into how to make each recipe work no matter what tools you have in your kitchen.

Green lite bites cookbook

I am not a HUGE fan of Italian Sausage straight up, but, I really wanted to try this Sausage & Pepper recipe! I LOVE it in lasagna and pasta sauces, but, that is about it.  I decided to use 2 sausages on our skewers.

#1 Casual Gourmet Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Chicken Sausages.

I picked these up at Costco.

casual gourmet sausages

I LOVE the short, recognizable ingredient list and that they are ONLY 3 Points+ per link.

casual gourment sausage ingredients

#2 My FAVORITE sausage ~ Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage.

Trader Joe's Sausages

Simple, REAL ingredient list with REAL maple syrup and only 3 Points+ each too!

Trader Joe's Sausage Ingredients

Prep your sausage ~ I cut all the links into 3rd’s so I knew each piece was 1 point+.

Chicken Sausages

Prep your veggies.  The BEST TIP for cleaning mushrooms I’ve ever heard and USE is to take a pastry brush out and brush the “dirt” off of them.  It honestly works better than a paper or dish towel….water only water logs them.

How to clean mushrooms

Chop your veggies into big chunks toss with a little Olive Oil, White Balsamic, Italian Seasoning, Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

Peppers and onions

Thread away…I used 3 sausages per skewer and all the veggies alternating to make 10 nice sized skewers that are only 3 Points+ each!

Sausage and pepepr recipes

YUM!!! 2 skewers for 6 points+.  I LOVE how the balsamic vinegar & olive oil crisped up the veggies and caramelized them and how you could taste the Italian Seasoning….everything just blended so well with the two types of sausages.

Grill It

I had 2 corn halves (1 cob total) for 2 points+.


Plus more of that Grilled Romaine ~ I am so IN LOVE with grilled romaine you all might just be seeing it for awhile.  The Husband actually requested it tonight and wanted me to make our entire pack.  I wish I did LOL. (2 points+)

grilled romaine

Deliciousness!!! I think it is so fun to eat off of skewers, GRILL everything so there are no dishes and have an amazing 10 point+ dinner that I cannot wait to make again! 

Thanks Roni, we LOVED it!


* 1 Point+ Butternut Squash Fries!

* Slow Cookin’ Old Fashioned Baked Beans courtesy of Zesty Cook!


What is your FAVORITE thing to grill or have grilled?

I honestly LOVE corn on the cob and any mix of grilled vegetables with mushrooms being my FAVORITE.

COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY coming up tomorrow morning!!!


Night all!

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