How to make an Egg White Fluffy

by DanicasDaily on January 14, 2011

HAPPY WEEEKEND EVERYONE!!!  One of my FAVORITE readers asked me how I get my “egg whites” fluffy so I figured it would be a good time to do an Egg White Fluffy Tutorial…..they are so simple to make, protein packed and just 1 Points+

I like using Trader Joe’s 100% Liquid Egg Whites because I NEVER know what to do with all those yolks.

Trader Joe's Egg Whites

The COOLEST part of egg whites ~ 1/3 cup = 1 points+ and they are made with ONLY egg whites..

Weight Watchers Egg Points Plus

I start off by spraying a small ramekin dish with nonstick spray.


Measure out your 1/3 cup egg whites, add sea salt, black pepper and HOT SAUCE.

egg whites in the microwave

Depending on the power of your microwave, cook for 1 – 1 /12 minutes until cooked through and there is nothing slimy on top.  The microwave I used is 1,000 watts and I cook it for 1 minute, 15 seconds.

Quick breakfast ideas

Place your plate on top and flip ~ Tadah!!! Instant poofy protein packed Egg White Fluffy.

How to microwave eggs

Whenever you have eggs, you should have BACON!  Trader Joe’s 97% FF Turkey Bacon that is (2 Points+).  I added an orange (instead of juice) on the side. 

Can you believe my ENTIRE breakfast clocked in at only 3 points+ and kept me full for 4 hours?! Awesome!


Do you ever think that something will look super cool in your head, until you “pile it on a plate” and take a picture?

Ummm, that was today and I was so tired, I didn’t care…you all will understand. LOL


All I wanted for lunch was snacks so that is exactly what I had.

Trader Joe’s Social Crackers (8 for 3 points+)

Trader Joe's Crackers

TJ’s Sharp Cheddar Squares (4 for 4 points+)

Weight Watchers Cheese

Fruit Salad….Banana and cuties = ZERO!!!!

Weight Watchers Snacks

Then, I thought this Artichoke Jalapeno dip sounded good with carrots, but, it really wasn’t good at all.  I ate the carrots and left the dip saving myself 2 points+.

Life is too short to waste your points+ on foods that don’t taste good.

Artichoke Dip

I had planned on cooking dinner for us tonight when we ended up having to help some friends out with moving their cars between towns.  On the way back, we stopped to have a “fiesta” at Vasquez Deli (my 2nd favorite Mexican Food Place).

Mexican Food

The thing I LOVE the MOST about their tacos is their homemade tortillas.  I could probably just have them plop a stack of those in front of me and be content Smile

I actually branched out from my usual Chicken Tacos and had 2 beef tacos for 12 points+.

Beef Tacos

We are hosting our VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER on Friends for Weight Loss!  So, if you want to score some Weight Watchers loot, or more importantly, the COOLEST SERVING SPOONS EVER…head on over there now and enter!

I LOVED reading all of your favorite things to do on the weekend….I found myself nodding my head yes as I read them all.  I think overall ~ sleeping in and not having a schedule to go by wins! 


Since it’s the weekend ~ If you were to win the $50 million in the LOTTO tomorrow, what is the FIRST thing you would do?

I’d like to think I’d be responsible you know and pay off our house, but, part of me would probably be inclined to say I’d book my next vacation and be on a plane travelling the next day ~ just sayin’!

Let the BIRTHDAY countdown begin Open-mouthed smile

Night all!

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