I felt like an elephant…..

by DanicasDaily on May 20, 2014

And I am pretty sure I shook the house, but, I did it!  After months of using my beloved treadmill as a clothes hanger, I hopped on and huffed and puffed my way through day 1 of Couch to 5K going 30 minutes!  I did a 5 minute walking warm up, 20 minute jog/walk intervals and 5 minute walking cool down.  I have to say the 60 jogging seconds goes so slow while the 90 second walks go so fast LOL.  I also sprinted out my last 60 second jog increasing the speed every 5 seconds.

You know what though ~ all that matters is I set a goal today to get my treadmill on and no matter how pretty it wasn’t, I did it.  And, I know that next time, I’ll be that much better at it….maybe just giraffe or hippopotamus like…lol

I knew I’d be having a late lunch today, so I whipped up a Hearty breakfast for The Husband and I.

My favorite Flapjacks ever ~ Kodiak Cakes! I topped both with 1 tsp. whipped butter split between the two and 1 Tbsp. Trader Joe’s Pure Maple Syrup.  (6 points+)


If you heat your syrup, it goes further giving you enough to slather two pieces of Trader Joe’s Peppered Turkey Bacon ~ salty, crunchy, sweet and the best way to eat you bacon. (Just don’t ask The Husband who thinks I am weird for putting syrup on my bacon…like putting the syrup he puts on his sausage is different somehow) Open-mouthed smile (2 points+).


I did stop and pick up a tall nonfat latte for my road trip today.  (3 points+)

I spent my morning at one of my co-worker’s presentations and successfully declined having lunch as I was determined to eat my Asparagus Couscous Salad that I made up.

When I walked in the door to my office, my other co-worker surprised me with my favorite salad from Grace’s Table.

Organic Mixed Greens with cherry tomatoes, colorful carrots, radishes which I think I might like now, fennel which I pick out, and a few sliced almonds…..


Topped with perfectly grilled chicken – 3 oz. to be exact.


Tossed in a homemade Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette.  The dressing makes this salad amazing and one I could eat every day. (6 points+)


Oh and she brought us root vegetable chips…..I do not know what it is about these chips, but, I could honestly eat bowls of these.  We both “pretend” they are better for us than regular chips because well they are vegetables and all…you know because “potato chips” are totally different – ha! 4 points+ for my share.


For dinner, we headed over to Mary’s Pizza Shack for big house salads.  I can definitely say I’ve checked off my 5 a day today and then some.  Served up with ranch forked dipped on the side.  I almost finished this……8 points+



  • 26 Daily Points+, 0WPA used, 42 WPA remaining
  • I am so close to 10,000 steps ~ perhaps I’ll walk around the house to see if I can catch it before the day is over.


Thanks for sharing your pizza and pepper ideas yesterday.  I now want to try Trio Tomato Pizza and Sausage Stuffed Spicy Peppers!  I think I am going to watch The Bachelorette premiere On Demand then decide…..


What is one success you had today that you are proud of? 

Night all!

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