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by DanicasDaily on February 14, 2012

Husband!!!! How many of you all could’ve guessed that one?! For all those who emailed wondering what he would do this year……I think this year he might have topped his Human Card and My Garden Box aka The Love Garden.  This year actually all goes back to that whole Rainbow Story & the infamous Rainbow Cake!

I get up a lot earlier than him since I typically hop on the treadmill at 5 am to get my calorie burn on.  After working out and sneaking about putting up all his Valentine’s day stuff, I hopped in the shower. 

I sort of “freaked” out because as I was rinsing my hair, I heard the bathroom door open & close, but, NOBODY was there…..I opened the shower door and saw this sitting on the counter…..


I totally started laughing out loud and went to “wake” him up….He told me he was still “night night” so I went in the kitchen and next to my coffee cup was a Unicorn!


Yup, he totally bought an ENTIRE pack of Valentine’s cards, write personalized messages in each and strategically left them all over the house, in my jacket pocket, lunch bag……


As I continued getting ready for work, he told me he had some “mail” for me and brought this to me….My very own personal mail box!


Complete with Rainbows to keep up with my childhood theme!


And mail too, of course!


Yup, those are ALL little heart stickers too!


But, wait….it gets better!  He actually ran outside while I was in the shower to decorate Scooter too!  I was totally busting up when I walked up to the door and saw MORE Hearts!


And MORE Valentine’s on the steering wheel, shifter, seat!


Taken with my phone from Scooters window…I totally didn’t even realize until now that one of the hearts lined up perfectly on him.


I thought he was all done with surprises until I walked in the door tonight……and saw more hearts!


He baked cupcakes for practice he said….Birthday cake


Don’t they look professional?! They taste pretty amazing too & 110% worth indulging in….


Bought me Red heartHeart PlatesRed heart to feed my random plate collection ~ I can’t wait to use them!!!


And, quite possibly one of my favorite things ever ~ He actually MADE this Rainbow Heart that lights up!


Seriously ~ it’s the little things!  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive or fancy…..it’s all those little things that add up to make this one of the BEST Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had! I Red heart him!!!

Happy Hearts Day all ~ Thanks for always reading, sharing your comments and Goals!, encouraging me and being a part of my daily adventures.Red heart

Ok, I promise I am all done with the mushy gushy stuff!  I will be back tomorrow with my 1 points+ Strawberry Mini Muffin & Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Recipes!

Night all!

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