It IS so my Birthday Week – the party continues…

by DanicasDaily on January 19, 2010

Hiya everyone!  Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and birthday wishes ~ you all ROCK in every way for taking time out of your day for that :) 

The Bachelor was SO GOOD last night ~ yup, I am officially hooked, lined, reeled and sinkered or something like that.  I am not so sure I am digging Ali anymore, glad to see psycho Michelle go, I actually feel bad for Vienna, but, can see how she sorta rubbed her date in and I LOVE the Tennessee girl.  I am STILL not totally sure which girl I want him to end up with , but, with THAT CLIFF HANGER last night, I am totally dying for next week’s “Scandalous Bachelor”.

Since it was POURING out all day, I made sure to get up early and get in my 2 mile run while catching up on the news.  It felt easy today – LOVE that!

When I arrived at my desk this morning, I had the BEST SURPRISE…it was totally decorated so cute with all kinds of fun Birthday Stuff.  I heart my co-workers!


Then, two of my favorite people brought me even MORE fun gifts ~ A balloon bouquet!!!


And the MOST BEAUTIFUL ROSES I’ve ever seen.


I, of course, had to give my best beauty pageant pose (I was dressed in my super cold rain gear :D Oops ~ next time I’ll have to dress up when I know I have to take my picture :D)


My cube mat showed me how to put flowers in a vase so they last longer.  Did you all know if you cut them at an angel under water, they last longer? So cool to know…..


After my morning excitement, I whipped up a quick Blueberry Coconut Super Food Oats repeat from yesterday…..delish (4 pts)!


Mid morning, I snacked on a low-fat colby cheese (LOVE these Sargento 1 pt squares) with the rest of my Tuscan Herb Wheat Thin Flat Bread crackers (2 pts).


I braved the rain at lunchtime and headed out to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to pick up some veggies.  I think I bought everything they had ~ Kale, Swiss Chard, Southern Greens Blend, Broccoli, Green Beans, Asparagus, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Kambucha Squash, Red & Yellow Beets and Salad stuff.  I think’ that’s all LOL…..I may have been going through fresh vegetable withdrawals over the past month because now we have a TON to eat (now that I see it all typed out :D

Lunch wasn’t anything fancy (LEFTOVER MAGIC), but, it totally hit the spot.  I ate the rest of the Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts (1 pt).


Leftover Annie’s Mac & Cheese – yes, it tastes AWESOME the next day (5 pts).


TJ’s Mango Chicken Sausage (4 pts)


All together on my fun Zebra Plate from one of my other AMAZING co-workers!


I happened to come across that particular part of Trader Joe’s that I know I should avoid ~ THE NEW PRODUCTS display!  I was intrigued by these PITA PUFFS!


Especially since you get 30 for TWO points!


REAL ingredients….


Puffy fun!  These are so lunch and airy they literally like crunch/melt in your mouth.  The browned parts make them taste toasty ~ totally addicting!  I ate probably like 60 of them since they don’t really fill you up…..still fun to eat though :D


The Husband called today to put in a request for the BEST BBQ Burgers today.   Since I indulged in a bit of puffy fun, I lightened mine up by omitting the bun and cheese.  I served it up on a spinach pillow that steamed when I put my hot burger on it – YUM! (4 pts)


I also only stole a couple of The Husband’s Home Fries for 1 pt.


I loaded up on the Organic Swiss Chard I bought today to balance out my plate.  I LOVE Swiss Chard and totally want to grow it in my new garden :D


All together it was the perfectly balanced, lightened up dinner for only 5 pts.


No worries though since I STILL found a way to bust into some Birthday chocolate that I received today.  Seriously – look at the descriptions ~ Dark chocolate+toffee bits+caramelized almonds = HOLY YUM!!!


Yup, it IS as good as it looks.  I intended to have 1 square, but, had 3 for 4 pts.


It’s BIGGEST LOSER night!!! I am off to read my latest Cooking Light Magazine before the show starts! Review coming soon.

One more day to win a HUGE box of Annie’s Fruity Bunnies!

Nite all!

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