Just another reason to LOVE Trader Joe’s!

by DanicasDaily on March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday all!  I think it’s AWESOME that you all are just as excited as I am to try out the 3 NEW Chobani Greek Yogurt Flavors. Today I was double spoiled by The Husband ~ he “made” my breakfast, snack pack and lunch!

As I was getting ready, he brought me a bowl of berries and a banana!


Plus 2 slices of Trader Joe’s Peppered Turkey Bacon (2 points+)


Mid-morning snackage ~ 1/2 oz Salt & Vinegar Almonds, a Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese and a nectarine (3 points+).


Lunch involved another Trader Joe’s product that I have completely fallen IN LOVE with ~ Trader Ming’s Chicken & Vegetable WonTon Soup!


REAL ingredients!!


5 points+ for the ENTIRE bowl!


I LOVE that it’s packed with won tons ~ you get a lot, plus a few crunchy veggies.  I totally “dotted” my soup with sriracha!


Simple side salad topped with 1 Tbsp Black Peppered Almonds and 1 Tbsp Trader Joe’s Low-Fat Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette (2 points+).


Remember these??? Dessert ~ Joe’s Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels (2 points+)


I pretty much snacked my way through the afternoon crunching away on more delicious Mandarin Orange Slices.


This bag had almost all whole pieces!!! I LOVE these (2 points+).


The Husband decided tonight that he likes Kale Chips!  We snacked on an entire bunch while we fired up the grill for dinner. (1 points+)


We decided to test out this J. Lee Roy’s Dippin’ HOT BBQ Sauce tonight.


2 BBQ Chicken Drumsticks ~ sweet, spicy and honestly super HOT! (5 points+)


1/2 cup Healthier Potato Salad (3 points+)


Plus grilled asparagus.


I am pretty sure I could eat BBQ Chicken like every night of the week!  Don’t worry, we are all out of chicken now Open-mouthed smile


What is one meal and/or food you could eat all the time and NEVER get tired of?

This is a tough one because I LOVE all food ~ I’d have to say CHEESE, mac n cheese, bread then BACON, BLTA’s ~ all of the above!

The Husband says all steak all the time followed up with Fruity Pebbles LOL.

Night all!

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