Malibu Beach & Solvang!

by DanicasDaily on February 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday all!  Thanks for following along on our Southern California Road Trip to Universal Studios ~ Los Angeles, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.  On our last day, we knew we wanted to head up Highway along the Coast and to the cute Danish Town of Solvang.

Before heading out of the hotel, The Husband wanted to have his picture taken with David Beckham!


After the first picture, he totally got into it and even had one kicking the ball too ~ he is such a clown!


I was completely STARVING so I knew I couldn’t get away with my banana & latte.


Instead, I tried out Starbuck’s Chicken Sausage & Egg White Wrap (7 points+).  It’s actually REALLY good ~ the roasted peppers and mushrooms in the wrap totally reminded me of eating a pizza pocket.

Served up with a grande ff decaf latte (3 points+).


Since this was Scooter’s first ROAD TRIP, we made sure he took his picture with the Hollywood sign! Open-mouthed smile


After driving down the Avenue of the Stars and Sunset Blvd., we headed out of town to have lunch in Malibu Beach.


We actually ate at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe a few years back when we drove to Southern California to surprise my sister for her birthday.  We both remembered loving this place so we knew we had to go back.


It is situated right off Highway 1 and right on the beach ~ you have the choice of eating inside or outside on the beach.


I could honestly eat just their salad bar alone, but, I knew exactly what I wanted.


We started with orange iced teas (although, they have several alcoholic drinks that they serve up in the fruit (coconut, pineapple, watermelon, etc.) that looked fun.)


We shared the Wedge Salad sans the stinky cheese and stinky dressing ~ served up with ranch instead. (3 points+ for my half).


I was CRAVING Shrimp Scampi!!!  I actually was surprised it came on rice versus noodles ~ not the same.  I ate all the shrimp, giving one to The Husband and skipped the bread and ride ~ it just didn’t sound good (8 points+)


For my “side” I picked snap peas that I shared with The Husband too.  Totally crunchy, sweet and delicious (2 points+ for the oil I am sure they used)


We took a walk along the beach soaking up the ocean and sun after lunch before heading off to our next destination.




Solvang is a super cute Danish town that was developed in 1911.  It is a little touristy, but, I kind of think that adds a little to the charm.


The buildings totally make it seem like are visiting a town in Denmark.


There are a bunch of bakeries that smell amazing when you walk by along with plenty of restaurants to try out.  I also LOVE that they have wine, cheese and olive tasting rooms throughout the town!


All of the shops are uniquely decorated and everyone is super friendly when you stop in.


We couldn’t resist….what can I say, we are total suckers for these booths every single time Open-mouthed smile


We knew the ONE place we had to stop was Mortensen’s Bakery because Monica gave it such great reviews when we asked about it on Facebook.


WOW!  I pretty much wanted to try one of everything when we looked at the display….


We even pondered getting a bunch to go ~ you know for another day Winking smile


But, when, it came down to it, we both knew we would eat them all as soon as we could and shared the absolute BEST LEMON DANISH I’ve ever had in my life.

It was totally flakey, buttery and tart from the lemon, but, then, the icing literally melted in your mouth along with the nutty crunch from the almonds. (6 points+ for half and worth every single one).


On our way home, we stopped in Atascadero at OutLaw’s Hideout for dinner. 


I LOVE Mom & Pop shops and will always eat there over any chain restaurant any day.


I ordered the special ~ BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Toast, Coleslaw and cowboy beans…..ready for this ~ it was only $8!!

Crazy, insane and downhome good!  I didn’t even put a dent in this plate.  I had about 1/3 of the chicken, 1/2 the fries and the coleslaw.  The Husband had my beans, toast and the rest of the chicken.

It is meals like this that make me wish I could eat more LOL…..


We spent today getting settled in back home and ready for the work week that starts tomorrow.  I am glad it’s only 3 days since I am totally sick now.  It was worth it though because our mini vacation was a blast!

On that note, I am off to catch some zzzzzzz’s.

Night all!

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