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by DanicasDaily on April 12, 2012

Happy Friday Eve all! Thanks for sharing the foods you all never get tired of ~  I definitely have a few new favorites to add to my list of things to try like Jenny’s Guaca-Salad.  Today I had the chance to be a *star* on Serious TV again.  It’s fun to get all dressed up for it, but, I have to say I am more of a fan of business casual over suits any day.

After yesterday’s 3 hour train debacle and the fact it was supposed to pour rain all day, I decided to hit the road and take Scooter to work with me.

Stop #1 Starbuck’s for a Venti Iced Dirty Latte (FF, Decaf Latte with 2 pumps mocha) (4 points+).  I also grabbed a banana because I really am someone who isn’t satisfied just drinking breakfast.


I was really tempted to head over to the café at snack time to grab a snack, but, I stuck with my a 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Salty & Sweet Trail Mix (4 points+). 

How do you all eat your trail mix? 

My co-worker was teasing me today because I’d pick up 1 piece of fruit or 1 “chip” and pair it with a nut for every bite.  I told him it’s how they make it Salty & Sweet….he said, putting it all in your mouth at once accomplishes the same thing LOL.

Keep in mind this comes from someone who filled his shirt pocket with the mix and “discreetly” ate it from his pocket during the board meeting.  Yup, I am pretty sure we need to get out more….but, it’s the little things that like that which make Serious TV fun!


Since it was pouring rain, I traded in my Chef Salad for soup as soon as I learned they had White Bean & Turkey Barley Soup at the Café.

Soup Fusion!!!! 1/2 White Bean mixed with 1/2 Turkey Barley….it was totally like a smoky, Thanksgiving Soup that was packed with veggies and nutty barley. (6 points+)


Paired with a doughy, freshly baked herbed, parmesan roll (5 points+)


I am pretty sure I could eat this or at least mix & match soups any day of the week!


Mid afternoon snacks ~ a super sweet plum and Sargento Light String Cheese (1 points+).


Since The Husband had today off, he was in charge of making dinner.  We started with simple salads topped with “Fried” onions, almond slices & balsamic dressing (3 points+)


BBQ Chicken!!!  This is definitely on my top 10 list and it is the easiest thing to make.  We grill organic chicken legs (that we buy for super cheap at Trader Joe’s ($3 for 6) for 35-40 minutes over medium heat.

Then, baste them with BBQ 3-4 times during the last 5-10 minutes. (3 points+)


You can cook your sides while the chicken grills.  Toss some sweet potato fries in the oven, pick a veggie or do whatever is easy that cooks in under 30 minutes.

We had Trader Joe’s Organic Mac & Cheese with green beans (7 points+)


After dinner, I opened my FUN mail!! As some of you know, I absolutely LOVE my Body Bugg and have used it over 5 years.  

The people at Body Media are at it again creating a new and improved Body Media Device that not only tracks calories in, calories out (burned), and steps, but, it also monitors your sleep patterns and tracks the intensity of your activity levels too. 


Their new CORE & Link Armbands not only sync with the display watch and your computer, but, they have apps now for almost all phone types too (so cool!)


Body Media sent me their Body Media Fit CORE Wellness Monitor and asked if I would test it out to see how it compares with my Body Bugg (BB).

As dedicated as I am to my BB, I couldn’t resist the chance try out their new band that is 35% smaller than my BB.


I can’t wait to show you all the cool features of my new Body Media (BM) Device along with my daily stats and the fun screens on the apps.  My complete review and comparison will be coming soon.

Have an awesome Friday all and I will catch up with you all later!


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