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by DanicasDaily on August 25, 2012

Happy Saturday all!  Today has been such a fun day and it all started off with sleeping in, well, sleeping in for me until almost 7 am.  Before heading out to stock up at the Farmer’s Market, I made up Sausage EggWiches for both of us.


My new favorite Thin Bun ~ Oroweat Honey Wheat ~ it’s soft, slightly sweet, nutty and it doesn’t taste diety either.  Topped with a “fried” egg and a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage. 

Simply Filling (SF) + 2 WPA for the sausage, 7 points+


Once we fueled up for breakfast, we were of and shopping.  First up was the Farmer’s Market followed up by a trip to Home Goods, Kohl’s, Target and the grocery store.

I actually bought my tops one size smaller today ~ so cool!  It definitely made me feel like I am seeing results from Simply Filling and getting back into my running groove.  It’s a good thing that The Husband was with me or I may have just bought like every single thing I tried on because, well, it fit!

We stopped for lunch at Mary’s Pizza Shack for big salads.  Our server actually brought us side salads, but, I went with it figuring it totally “justified” having bread with it.

Served up with ranch on the side for dipping (SF + 2 WPA) – 4 points+


Plus 2 pieces of straight from the oven sour dough (SF+3 WPA) – 3 points+


When we walked in the door, I got to work on prepping things for the week.  I made up a batch of perfectly hard boiled eggs while The Husband chopped up watermelon and cantaloupe.

I snacked on some watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes while we put everything away.


There were such deals at today’s Farmer’s Market.  I bought 6 roma tomatoes for $1, 4 jalapenos for $1, red onion for $0.25 and 3 sweet peppers for $1 just so I could make up a batch of Salsa Fresca.  I am completely IN LOVE with tomatoes this year.


I also bought a bunch of other veggies to make up that Lemon Vegetable Barley Salad similar to the one I had last week.

I pondered keeping the huge container of blueberries to myself for the week or making up a batch of Blueberry Mini Muffins to share at my meeting tomorrow.  I cannot believe how “blue” they turned out, but, I think it totally makes the muffins even more fun to eat.

Recipe coming up this week ~ they are 1 points+ each!


I have pretty much decided that Healthy Nachos is going on my list of FAVORITE meals to have.  As in, I seriously could have them like once or twice or three times a week.

The SECRET INGREDIENT that makes THESE HEALTHY NACHOS awesome is BAKED Extra Thin Mission Tortilla Chips topped with sea salt. 


Then again, it might have been the tomatoes from our garden!!! (yup, our tomato plant is STILL producing tomatoes – love that!)

Layered up with 1/2 cup Turkey Taco Meat, 1/2 oz low-fat sharp cheddar, tomatoes, green onion and pickled jalapenos.


Drizzled with big scoops of Salsa Fresca, 1 Tbsp Olives and 1/8 of an AVOCADO to cool things off.


SF + 6 WPA for the chips, olives and avocado, 10 points+


STATS (12 am – 9 pm)

  • 2,749 calories burned
  • 9,113 steps taken
  • 14 WPA used, 0 WPA remaining (25 daily points+)

As much as I LOVE my Body Media (BM) Device, I am kind of excited to check out Weight Watchers new Active Link tomorrow.  I have heard so many great things about it and I think it’s awesome that it syncs up with WW online.  More details coming up tomorrow.

Night all!

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