Simple Start Day 1

by DanicasDaily on January 5, 2014

Happy Sunday all!  Thank you all for the get well wishes ~ we are both slowly making are way past this flu bug.  The part that is ironic to me is that I had a flu shot, but, still managed to get the flu.  It feels good to finally have things settle down a bit so I can get back in my groove.  That being said, the “one positive” of this flu, I lost 3 lbs. at weigh in today ~ woohoo!

I had all these ideas in my head for how I’d start following the Weight Watchers Two Week Simple Start Plan with today not totally being as I planned. Partly because we were on the go today and partly because my appetite is still not there. 

For the next two weeks, I’ll follow Simple Start with my spin on it ~ it won’t be 100% by the book or go 100% as planned.  I think that is a good thing though because I want to show you all how you can make Simple Start adaptable when things do not go as planned.


Since I still have sick brain, I left the house without having or packing up breakfast.  No worries though because I found an easy solution at Starbuck’s that matches the Hot Oats with Berries and Milk in the book.


You could just order the steel cut oats with blueberries (if they have them) ~ this would fit Simple Start or pick any of the mix-in’s to use your Indulgence points (WPA) on. 

I picked using the dried fruit ~ 2/3 of the packet for 2 WPA served up with an iced nonfat latte with caramel drizzle on top (yep, latte’s are 100% Simple Start!).


Funny fact ~ I did remember to pack apples to take with us for snack as we spent a few hours walking around the Alameda Antique faire Smile


The Husband bribed me into going with him to the fair with promises of sushi at Yokoso Sushi!

The only thing is I just am not ready yet to eat sushi….but, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Miso Soup


Their simple sesame side salad ~ I used 2 WPA for the dressing ~ worth it!


Green tea……


Plus a Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box ~ it’s huge huh?!  Don’t worry, I ate only what I wanted until satisfied.


I had half this teriyaki chicken which is Simple Start and similar to the teriyaki chicken & veggie bowl in the book.


I ate all the edamame and finished with my half a orange – both Simple Start.


If you wanted to indulge, you could use your Indulgence Points+ on the California Rolls ~ 1 points+ a piece or the veggie eggrolls (4 points+ but not worth it to me).


This is the half of the box I focused on which is Simple Start.  Ideally, they would serve it up with brown rice, however after asking they did not have it.  White & Brown rice have the same calories and points+.  I ate 1/3 of the rice.


It is now dinner time and I am still not really hungry so I am waiting to decide if I will eat dinner or just have a light snack.  The Husband grilled up corn, green beans and these fantastic pork chops.  This would be using the build a meal feature picking Simply Filling Foods out from the list.


All in all, I am glad with how my day went and with the options I picked to make the plan work.  I managed to use my 7 WPA and it didn’t take much to do that.  2 on the dried fruit, 2 on the dressing, 3 on the 3 pieces of sushi.

Here are my stats for today:

  • Simple Start Day 1 Success, 7 WPA used, 42 WPA remaining
  • The most steps I’ve walked in the past week!



What is one fun thing you did this weekend?

Night all!

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