Simple Start Day 3, Chipotle

by DanicasDaily on January 7, 2014

Happy Tuesday all! You all know how to build some seriously delicious sounding salads.  Thank you for sharing your ideas ~ I now have a few new ways to enjoy my greens that I need to try.  It’s …officially day 3 on Simple Start and I have to say so far, so good ~ it’s been pretty easy to follow using a combination of the build a meal and trying a few of the recipe ideas.

Last night, I knew exactly what I was going to eat today ~ not so much because of what I planned, but, because of what I knew sounded good.

Starting with a handful of crunchy berries, banana and shredded wheat…..


Sprinkled with cinnamon (it gives it a nice sweetness without adding calories/points+) and topped with about 1 cup of fat free milk.

Cereal usually does not keep me full for long, but, this kept me full for 5 hours ~ impressive!


I made up my lunch last night at the same time I made our dinner salads.  The one essential ingredient for me in any salad is to have a protein source for staying power.

My Mediterranean salad had two tasty proteins ~ chickpeas & a hardboiled egg.


Paired with a whole lotta crunch.  I have to say I think having apples in my salad might be my new thing ~ I love the sweet, juicy crunch with the tang of the vinaigrette.


When I ran out to bookstore at lunch, I kinda sorta had to stop in Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s too…you know, because they are like right next to the bookstore. I couldn’t resist buying some fresh watermelon to have with my cheese stick for snack. Open-mouthed smile


For the past 3 weeks, The Husband and I have been trying to plan a date night dinner and a movie.  The thing is being sick, it hasn’t happen and tonight, it “almost” happened.  The Husband was set on Chipotle which I was totally game for because I can build one amazing Simple Start/Filling bowl.

  • romaine
  • fajita veggies
  • chicken
  • 2 types of salsa ~ corn & pico de gallo
  • I skipped the cheese, beans and rice because I didn’t “need” them
  • And the best part… 4 points+ Indulgence of Guacamole!!


I did steal 6 of The Husband’s chips as my “croutons” so I’ll count 2 points+ towards it.


I only managed to eat half my bowl and was happy/sad that I stopped when satisfied.

As we walked out the door, we both started coughing like crazy so we decided to skip the movie until next time LOL. Our consolation prize is watching the Transformers part 3 at home.

Here are my stats for today:

  • Simple Start Day 3 Success, 6 WPA used, 29 WPA remaining
  • My Fitbit Flex Dashboard for today



What is one snack you look forward to having every day?

Mine is any type of fruit with a light string cheese or a Fage 0% Greek Yogurt.

Night all!

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