Simple Start Day 5, Egg Salad

by DanicasDaily on January 9, 2014

Happy Friday Eve all!  Our Simple Start breakfast this morning totally revolved around what I thought sounded tasty and what The Husband is currently addicted to.  Almost every morning starts off with me asking him ~ so, what sounds good for breakfast as I proceed to list off all the options.  He usually lets me run through the entire list before he says….scrambled eggs with a big cheesy grin (like a little kid).  That boy would eat scrambled eggs for almost ever meal if I’d make them.

Any guesses on who picked what?

I was on the fence about what I wanted, but, I knew I wanted fresh fruit…a banana, apple, berries.  I always make double  (1/2 for him and 1/2 for me) otherwise, he sneaks it off my plate..


His pick…..Scrambled eggs


My half of the fruit with 2 scrambled eggs. (SS/SF) – 4 points+


I can’t really tease him though because I love eggs too! Enough to have an Egg Salad Sandwich at lunch.

1 egg + 2 egg whites + LF Mayo + mustard + sea salt + black pepper on top of a slice of 12 grain bread. (SS/SF + 2 WPA) – 5 points+

I use low-fat mayo with olive oil and count it as SS (personal preference) ~ for Simple Start you can count the points+ if any for the amount you use or use Fat Free Mayo.


My favorite new thing ~ Cucumber Chips (slices of mini cucumber topped with salt & pepper).


And a simple side salad for good measure topped with balsamic vinegar.


Mid afternoon I grabbed a light string cheese to go with my cute mini organic honey crisp apple. (Gail ~ I picked both these up at Trader Joe’s!) (SS/SF) – 1 points+


I love leftovers because it means no cooking (unless you count the microwave).

1 creepy looking but totally delicious Leftover Cheesy Mini Meatloaf with a heaping cup of collard greens (SS/SF) – 7 points+


It’s pretty interesting that I feel totally satisfied with my eats today even though my daily points+ total is light.  I am good for now, but, if I get hungry later, I may grab a Fage 0% yogurt for snack.

Here are my stats for today:

  • Simple Start Day 5 Success, 2 WPA used, 18 WPA remaining (I am sweating not using all 7 WPA today because I ate based on my hunger levels and enjoy my Simple Start Foods)
  • 17 Daily Points+ (see note above), WPA used & WPA remaining will be added next week
  • My Fitbit Flex Dashboard for today



What is one fun thing you are looking forward to this weekend?

I can’t wait to see my mom, have dinner with our friends and to finally get back to exercising outside in the sunshine!

Night all!

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