Simply Filling Vegetarian Weekly Menu #1

by DanicasDaily on March 3, 2014

Happy Monday all!  Thank you all for sharing all your thoughts on Meatless March and for all those who already made the Vegetarian Minestrone. I love that!  I really do think focusing on keeping it Simply Filling while doing Meatless March is going to help me from becoming a Carbetarian.  It also doesn’t hurt that there are so many tasty recipes to make and try out.

Like Mini Kale & Parmesan Crustless Quiches!  You get 3 for SF + 1 WPA, 5 for SF + 1 WPA, but, if you add the 6th one, it’s SF + 2 WPA LOL. 5 points+ if your counting points+)


Served up with a side of banana berries.


I snacked on a Fage 0% Blueberry Greek Yogurt before my marathon afternoon meeting.


Fat free Greek Yogurt is Simply Filling but the “jam” in these counts towards your WPA.  Totally worth it to me for the protein boost plus it’s my favorite yogurt. (SF + 1 WPA) – 3 points+


I am pretty proud of our Monday Sandwich caterers ~ they actually got the veggie sandwich thing right ~ whole wheat topped with a little hummus, lite jarlsberg swiss, avocado and all the veggies.  I had half and ate the insides of the other half with a little salad on the side.

(SF + 4 WPA) – 7 points+


I also had a couple of BBQ chips from the group chip bag.


One of my all time favorite vegetarian recipes is this Baked Cheesy Caprese Pasta.

1 cup pasta with 2 tomato slices for 10 points+ (SF)


I bought these Brussels Sprout halves at my local grocery store and they have been calling my name ever since.  I simply sautéed them in a little olive oil over medium high heat with sea salt and black pepper.  Right before it was finished, I added a little agave nectar and 1/4 cup of water for sweetness and to cook them through.

I COULD’VE eaten the entire pan, but, um, that would be like 1 lb. of Brussels sprouts which somehow I think wouldn’t have been too good on my stomach


He went back for more cheesy tomatoes and pasta ~ I went back for more sprouts! Priorities Winking smile


Here are my stats for today:

  • Simple Filling (SF): 6 WPA (Weekly Points Allowance) used, 35 WPA remaining
  • 25 Daily Points+ 0 WPA used, 49 WPA remaining
  • Day 3 ~ 100% Vegetarian and I only missed my usual turkey sandwich until I bit into the avocado hummus-ness of my veggie sandwich!
  • 50 pushups down, 750 to go (off to do 25 now with a makeup 25)
  • My FitBit Dashboard :



What is on your menu this week?  Any new recipes you are trying?

Night all!

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Catherine Beaudet March 4, 2014 at 6:01 am

I’m not doing the vegetarian thing (I know, bad girl), but I do have menus all planned out for the week. I decided to attack the freezer of all the pre-prepared meals I made up and never got to. Basically your Healthy Egg Roll-ups made with egg whites (I have issues with whole eggs), spicy veggie patty burgers loaded with veggies, veggie corn dogs (Yves Veggie Cuisine) with spicy mustard, and suppers are one pot meals to use up veggies and leftovers from the fridge. It’s kind of like a Spring Clean-up… minus the Spring considering the weather Ottawa’s been getting lately. I am rather happy with my recipe selections. Tasty and satisfying. Scallops and duck and prawns and meatloaf… oh my! ^_^


Andi March 4, 2014 at 10:34 am

RE your comment:

Fat free Greek Yogurt is Simply Filling but the “jam” in these counts towards your WPA. Totally worth it to me for the protein boost plus it’s my favorite yogurt. (SF + 1 WPA) – 3 points+

How did you determine it would be 1 WPA? I have been counting it has 3 WPA for the whole thing….


DanicasDaily March 4, 2014 at 11:54 am

Hi Andi,

2 points+ for the yogurt and 1 points+ for 1 Tbsp of Jam.



Andi March 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Thank you…just saved myself some nice extra WPA


Gina March 8, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I made the vegetarian minestrone last night and it was great. I put some parm cheese on it too.
Thank you


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