So much to do, so little time!

by DanicasDaily on May 18, 2011

Happy Wednesday all!  Today has been insanely busy, but, in a good way. I cannot believe BlogHERFood is finally here and we leave tonight, as in, I should probably be packing instead of typing this! Open-mouthed smile

Did I mention I am completely GEEKED out over the fact that they have Wifi on our flight?!

I had high hopes of unveiling my new redesign and fantastic recipe organizer for you all by the time we left, but, I am not seeing it happen for two reason.

1.  I want it to be perfect!

2.  OMG, I have entered 67 recipes to be exact and I am only in the “B’s”!  I know you all will LOVE it as much as me because EVERY picture you can print, send to your email, phone, like it, facebook it and actually find it in multiple ways.  Oh and I am including a points+ organizer too!

Sooo many fun things coming SOON! I’ll keep you all posted. 

This morning all of the excitement of going to BlogHERFood and thinking about all the things I had to get done made my stomach pretty funky.  The thought of any type of protein and/or fruit didn’t appeal.

Enter delicious Trader Joe’s FF Multi-Grain Bread topped with 1 Tbsp Whipped Butter.  I am not sure why I don’t eat straight up toast that often ~ Yum! (5 points+)


I had all good intentions to get in my workout this morning.  In fact, I hopped on the elliptical and was going for 5 minutes when I started thinking about everything that NEEDED to get done before we leave.

I figured it was “pointless” to continue when I wasn’t enjoying it and I was completely worried about all I needed to do.

I DID get to have these super cute signs made for work and hung them up today!




My Not-So-Post workout snack. A perfectly hard boiled egg (2 points+)


Plus a big mound of watermelon!


I think one of the BEST things about being slammed at work with things to do is that time flies by quickly. 

Lunch today was a GNORMOUS salad from The Pasta Shop!  Let me just start off by saying, my EYES were WAY BIGGER than my STOMACH.  I couldn’t help it – they had so many delicious salads today.

Roasted Beet, Bean & Walnut Salad ~ this is probably my favorite salad!


Lemon Broccoli & Peanut Salad ~ super fresh!


A ton of those AMAZING Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms, onions & peppers!


Caramelized carrots & butternut squash ~ it just melts in your mouth with sweetness!


Plus a little almond pesto tortellini salad and pimento potato squares.

Believe it or not, this is all sitting on a bed of mixed greens with carrots and peas with two cherry tomatoes.

I only managed to eat about half of this ~ combination of being on a mission to get things done and just getting full really quickly.


My co-worker talked me into buying one of their Hot Cheddar Breads….it didn’t take much to twist my arm.  I actually forgot about it (it was still in the bag), but, made sure I sampled a bite. 

Um ya, it’s as good as it looks!


I wasn’t hungry at all this afternoon but my mouth wanted something.  I pondered my options and decided two Biscoff Cookies were in order (2 points+)


When I got home I had a COOL package waiting for me in the mail!  I fell IN LOVE with these camera straps Made By Meez when Janetha of Meals and Moves showed me hers at Foodbuzz Fest this past year.

Can I just say Meegz is AWESOME and made sure I got my order at the last minute before we leave?!


What I LOVED about them is that they have a lense cap holder that doubles as a business card holder and they have a quick release mini handle.  I am all about hands free too!

I hope this makes me finally set down my beloved point & shoot and switch to my Cannon Rebel.


SNEAK PEAK at the new Danica’s Daily Logo….that’s only part of it Winking smile


Since we are rushing and I know we will be eating a ton of richness this weekend, I went for a 5 minute dinner.

Egg-wich (7 points+)




No fancy recipes tonight….but, seeing as I just realized today I have close to 1,000 to enter (OMG!), I think you all might understand LOL Open-mouthed smile



Zesty Cook shares this fantastic 4 points+ recipe for Grilled Orange Chicken



What is your favorite thing about travelling?

I actually LOVE flying, watching movies, reading, but, more than anything, exploring and seeing new places. 

Stay tuned for My Cookbook Giveaway coming up tomorrow!

Night all!

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