by DanicasDaily on September 12, 2011

Happy Monday all! Thanks for all your nice comments, tweets & facebook messages regarding the new design & layout. I am still working on a few design things, like the fact that I use smiley faces wayyyyy too much and they show up as my first picture in some posts ~ oops. (Note, resisting inserting one here ~ ha!)  We are also definitely trying to find a resolution for why my site is loading so slow (hopefully Lunar finds the fix soon!). 

This morning I woke up craving breakfast burritos and decided it was time to make these.

Taco Muffins copy

There is just something about corn tortillas, salsa, eggs & sausage that make these Taco Muffins absolutely delicious.  I had 2 for 5 points+.


Plus a BIG Iced Coconut Coffee ~ Just coconut coffee brewed over ice with a 1/2 tsp of agave syrup and a splash of fat free half & half. 

I have a serious Coconut & Iced Coffee addiction this summer.


I LOVE mornings when you get a ton of things checked off your list.  I left to meet Tracey at Hisui’s Steakhouse for lunch feeling totally accomplished.

I LOVE starting with Edamame for 2 BIG reasons ~ they bring it out almost as soon as you sit down & you get 1/2 cup for only 1 points+ (protein power!)


Miso Soup ~ 2 points+


I really need to replicate the dressing they use on Japanese Side Salads.  It is so good and I bet so easy to make (3 points+)


I totally spiced things up today since I am trying to not catch a cold and used ALL of my wasabi in my soy sauce….so, spicy good!

Ben’s Roll ~ Spicy Tuna w/Spicy Crab, Avocado, Shrimp & Tempura Flakes (9 points+ for 8 pieces)


Mid afternoon I had a big bowl of melon & another Iced Coconut Coffee see ~ addicted! Open-mouthed smile


Tracey bought me a fancy new Igloo lunch bag to celebrate my new job…..I LOVE that it is super cute, big enough to fit a BIG SALAD container and….


It’s More Than Cool! See, CHEESE Open-mouthed smile ~ how can you not insert a smiley with that statement lol


Ok, moving on! You all will seriously laugh at me for dinner.  I had this fancy menu planned out as you saw on yesterday’s post, complete with all the ingredients to make everything.

I was pondering BLTA’s or Carne Asada Steak Salad when all I kept thinking about was soup.


I honestly think the ONLY time you can eat soup when it’s 90 degrees outside is when you are trying to not get sick.

I really wanted homemade chicken noodle soup, but, figured this counts the same lol.


I actually picked this Market Classis soup mix up at World Market a little while back because I LOVE using their soup mix as a base then adding to it.

In addition to the mix plus 1/2 lb of Chicken Breast, I added a bunch of zucchini from our garden.


Then, I piled on all the fixin’s to make one crunchy, sweet, spicy chicken tortilla soup in 30 minutes.


* 1 1/2 cups Chicken & Zucchini Tortilla Soup (4 points+)

* 1/8 AVOCADO (1 points+)

* Garden tomatoes, green onions & fresh corn (1 points+)

* 2 Tbsp Tortilla Strips (1 points+)

* Spicy Garlic Salsa!


Last chance to enter to win some Euphrates Feta Cheese ~ go here to enter now!


What do you to try to not catch a cold when you think you are getting one?

I usually take Emergen-C in the morning and Airbourne at night time.  One of my friends told me that you should eat super spicy stuff it will scare colds off.  I am so trying that and adding like Tabasco to everything I think Open-mouthed smile

Night all!

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