Simply Filling Vegetarian Seven Layer Bean Dip

March 16, 2014

One of my favorite things to have at a party is that creamy Seven Layer Bean Dip scooped up with salty, crunchy, tortilla chips.  I could pretty much take the entire dish and bag of chips into the other room and not share with anyone.  Obviously I do not do that or my friends wouldn’t […]

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Crescent Roll Taco Cups, 4 points+

February 7, 2013

As promised, I am back with the Tasty Taco Cups Recipe that I served up for Super Bowl Snacks last week.  I am not sure I could pick just one favorite food, but, I can say that given the choice, I could eat Mexican Food just about every day of the week and not just […]

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Super Bowl Snacks & This Week’s Menu

February 3, 2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday all!  As promised, this morning’s Weight Watcher’s meeting started off in style with a Red & Gold 49er’s Themed Party.  Complete with all red & gold foods Pineapple & Strawberries…. Golden Crispy Apple Chips ~ look how many you get for 2 points+! Plus My Mini Red & Gold Inside Out […]

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Low Fat Lasagna Cups, 2 points+

February 1, 2013

I think out of all the Won Ton Recipes I have ever made from potstickers to tiny tacos to banana nutella won tons, that these 2 points+ Low Fat Lasagna Cups might take the cake or the cupcake that is I LOVE pasta of all shapes, sizes and styles, but, lasagna is probably my 2nd […]

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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes & Menu Ideas

January 28, 2013

It’s almost Super Bowl Time and several of you have asked me for some Weight Watcher Points Plus Friendly Recipes.  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite blogger recipes and to browse my recipe section to give you all a bunch of ideas you could make or take to your […]

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Simply Filling Fried Rice with Cream Cheese Won Tons

August 16, 2012

Happy Friday Eve all!  Since we are off celebrating The Husband’s Birthday, I thought it would be fun to pop in and share two of my favorite healthy Chinese Food Recipes that also work for the Simply Filling Technique.  Both recipes were inspired 110% by TJ’s Chinese Fake Out guest post awhile back and honestly […]

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Deluxe Pizza Puffs, 1 points+!

August 9, 2012

I LOVE pizza any way you top it and any way you make.  It can be the real deal, on a pita, naan bread, on top of polenta and even as a casserole.  Pizza in my book is just Flat Out Amazing!  There is just something about the flavor combination of doughy breads, cheese, tangy […]

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