Simply Filling Spicy Italian Sausage, 1 points+

January 2, 2014

Happy Friday Eve all!  There are two things in my opinion that make a delicious red, spaghetti sauce ~ a spicy, Italian Sausage and Red Wine.  The Spicy Sausage you can totally make Simply Filling Style, while the Red Wine…not so much, but, that’s totally what indulgences are for, right?! I promise making your own […]

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Cooking For Comfort, The Cookbook is here….

November 7, 2013

Happy Friday Eve all!  I am so excited that I can finally share with you all why I was cooking, eating, testing and whipping up all Pork Recipes last month. Yep, I finally am going to stop holding out on sharing all the recipes because…drumroll….I get to give a copy of the eCookbook to all […]

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What is one fall show you cannot wait to see?

September 17, 2013

Happy Tuesday all!  This morning definitely came too early.  Up until a few week’s ago, The Husband and I were totally addicted to watching Bear Grills “Get Out Alive” followed up by Siberia.  Now, Monday nights we stay up late just to watch Siberia.  We will say oh, let’s just watch it on demand, but, […]

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Weekend Highlights: In the Test Kitchen….

September 15, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  I am proud to say that this past week was a pretty good week even though I didn’t manage to find time to blog every day (that will be my goal this week as work should settle down a bit!).  I am proud to say I successfully worked out 4 times, tracked […]

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Have you ever forgot to…..

December 3, 2012

Happy Monday all!  Thanks for sharing what you are excited about with the new Weight Watchers 360 Program.  I definitely cannot wait to see everything that gets unveiled this year and to hear what you all think of it. As much as I really pondered staying in bed this morning, I told myself I’d never […]

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Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Tacos, 5 points+

August 6, 2012

Happy Monday all!  Thanks for all the nice comments on my Simply Filling Month Success.  It has been really fun to have you all cheer me on and to share ideas along the way.  It is also great to get back into my cooking groove in the kitchen ~ tonight’s dinner goes on my list […]

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CEiMB ~ Blueberri-licious! Coffee Cake

March 23, 2011
Fluffy Pancakes

Happy Hump Day all!  This morning I actually planned to snack on my banana then eat my pancakes with 3 slices of Trader Joe’s Peppered Turkey Bacon……But, once I was on the train….bacon, bacon, bacon was all I wanted.  It actually made a pretty good pre-workout snack for 1 points+….I never took a picture of […]

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