Less is More

February 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday all! I actually didn’t buy that basket at Home Goods that The Husband used for a hat on my last post.  Although, I probably should’ve just for the on-going entertainment lol.  The goal of my post today is to try “Less is More” and let my pictures do the talking.  I am always […]

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The “Love” Train

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day all!  Thank you all for all the nice comments on my BLTA Lettuce Wrap post.  It really made my day to wake up and read them.  I told The Husband that we were going to exchange our Hearts Day Cards tonight, but, he couldn’t wait.  When I walked into work and opened […]

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Simple Start Day 15: Winter Brussels Sprout Salad

January 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday all!  I am back this morning with my Weekly Menu and yesterday’s daily.  Yesterday ended up being a pretty long working day and to add to it I started coughing all over again on Sunday night.  I have never had a could where I am still coughing almost a month later. I keep […]

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Simple Start Day 2, One Delicious Salad!

January 6, 2014

Happy Monday all!  Thanks for all the great questions and encouragement on my first day of Simple Start yesterday.  You all are probably going to laugh at me for saying this, but, your reading gives me accountability ~ it totally motivates me knowing that you all are reading and tracking with me as I go […]

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Backyard Barbecue with 2 new recipes…

August 4, 2013

Happy Sunday all!  This past week we participated in an incredibly fun slider party that included turning everything we picked up at the Farmer’s Market into one delicious dinner for everyone to chow down on.  The best part ~ not only was everything local, but, it was all delicious & nutritious.  Yep, it was totally […]

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Vegetable Israeli Couscous Salad, points+

July 22, 2013

Happy Monday all!  During the hot summer months, I am always looking for different ways to have a cool pasta salad that highlights local, fresh vegetables I pick up at the Farmer’s Market.  I love the chewy, nuttiness of these little pasta balls called Israeli Couscous or Pearl Pasta.  I bulked up the veggies in […]

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Meatless Monday: Make it a Burger Salad

May 20, 2013

Happy Monday all!  I had no idea so many of you were big Sophia Kinsella fans.  I absolutely love her books with my favorite to date being “Can You Keep A Secret?”  I think my “taste” in book reading has evolved over time with it all beginning with Ralph the Mouse!  I was an avid […]

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