2 New Finds & 1 Tasty Sandwich

August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday all!  Can you believe it?! A real “Daily” post.  Ok, well, I know I post each day and I have some catch up to play, but, today I am actually back to my daily eats.  The funny part is even though I have been posting recipes and fun times, I have still taken […]

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Now that’s a Saucy Meatball!

May 16, 2011

Happy Monday all!  Who knew that so many of you would be interested in the new way I learned on how to “peel” an orange.  This method is PERFECT if you are anything like me and hate having your hands smell like oranges all day.  Thanks again to Becky for showing me this method ~ […]

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Why not to “wing it” + My Weekly Menu

January 30, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Happy Sunday all!  I LOVE it when I go to my Weight Watcher meeting and I feel like the topic was 110% what I needed to hear.  Today’s meeting was all about “Sticking To It” through the good and not so good weeks.  One week doesn’t determine your success, it’s whether you come back again […]

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McLovin’ ~ My Sausage Egg McMuffin

January 8, 2011
Winking smile

Happy Saturday all!  You all are seriously AWESOME!  I LOVE reading all the “cool” places you want to sport your Danica’s Daily T-Shirts.  I am thinking the winners totally need to send pictures to show us their cool place they wore theirs ~ what do you think? This morning started with a quick trip to […]

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LOVE at First BITE!

July 13, 2010
Dickinson's Purely Fruit

Happy Tuesday all!  Work was insane today, but, I have to say, I had the BEST day ~ Seriously ~ Farmer’s Markets + Annie The Baker Cookies + Sushi + BAVARIAN PRETZEL CROSSAINTS ~ complete me!  But, more on that in a minute…. I actually bought this Raspberry Jam when I was pondering how to […]

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Simply Delicious!

April 26, 2010

Happy Monday all!  I think I reminded myself today that sometimes the MOST SIMPLE EATS have the MOST FLAVOR and are truly delicious.  I totally want to repeat my day all over again tomorrow it was THAT good 😀 However, BEFORE I get started, I have to tell you that The Husband corrected me on […]

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