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by DanicasDaily on January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Eve all!!!  At this time tomorrow, I was officially born….I sure put my mom through a lot of labor that started at 4 am waiting until 8 pm to be born…but, you know, I am pretty sure she would say I am just as stubborn today as I was then LOL.  I cannot wait for all the fun to begin starting tomorrow….

Even though I was running behind schedule this morning, I still took 5 minutes to make Healthy Egg Rolls on the go.


X’s 2!  I always make one for The Husband and he finishes before mine is gone and tells me that I never gave him an Egg Roll….funny guy!


I line a sheet of foil with a paper towel to keep the tortilla crisp and to keep the hot sauce from running all over as you eat it.  Then, I roll it, wrap it up and take it to go.


This morning I added an apple for good measure….I will admit, I was totally tempted to make juice or a smoothie in the Vitamix with it, but, I resisted the urge. 4 points+


I headed over to Safeway for a quick grab & go lunch today with my coworkers.  I never realized how many cool choices they have from grab & go salads, to hot soups, sandwiches, sushi and more.

1/2 cup Broccoli Salad ~ I asked the lady if it came with bacon and she said yes….I totally wouldn’t have ordered it if it didn’t (bacon snob that I am!) 4 points+


Totally delicious Kettle Cooked BBQ chips – 4 points+


Plus half of a packed Turkey, Pepperjack and Avocado sandwich. 7 points+


Salty, crunchy, nutty, good ~ Mid afternoon crunch time snacks ~ 1/2 oz. mixed nuts with 3 peanut butter pretzels. 4 points+


At the end of our day, I was a “team player” at work by participating in a Wine Tasting for the new 1 points+ Light Wine you all saw bottled this week along with a few other new products we are working on.  The hardest part was to remember not to drink it all….

I love how crisp and refreshing the new Light Rose Wine is….it would be perfect at a summer BBQ.


Dinner tonight was a team effort ~ I know all I have to do is mention firing up the grill and The Husband will offer to help Open-mouthed smile

2 Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs with his “secret” sauce – 4 oz. = 4 points+


My favorite salad to have with BBQ ~ 1/2 cup of Harvest Grain Salad (4 points+)


The Husband thought the kale we made was collard greens so I just let him go with that thought.  He even went up for seconds which he would never do with kale Winking smile


He kicked off The Birthday festivities by putting up the Rainbow Light Up Heart he made for me last year.


I am not sure if I will be back tomorrow night or not, but, I will be back for sure this with a full Birthday recap!  Let the festivities begin…..

Night all!

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