The 2nd Annual Foodbuzz Festival ~ Day 1

by DanicasDaily on November 7, 2010

Happy Weekend all!!! I promise I didn’t abandon you all :)  I’ve just been off having way too much at the Foodbuzz Festival and with my AWESOME roomies ~ Meals and Moves, The Healthy Everythingatarian, Hungry Hungry Hippie,  and The Great Balancing Act

Foodbuzz Fest Roomies

This year’s festivities have been such a blast and I can definitely I have enjoyed meeting everyone.  I think the COOLEST thing about the blogging community is when you finally put a face with someone’s name/blog, it’s like an old friend you have known your whole life.

I have a ton of fun to share with you all, so let the recaps begin!  

We decided to kick off the Foodbuzz Festival by stopping at Taylor’s Refresher ~ now, Gott’s Roadside Grill.   

Gott's Roadside GrillIMG_1241

I pretty much LOVE everything about Gott’s and their “Green” philosophy ~ I am totally digging that more companies are making an effort to recycle and compost.

Formerly Taylor's RefresherIMG_1243

I really pondered the Ahi Burger (my favorite!), but, decided to venture out and get the Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos based on their description alone.

Gott's Menu

It was Eh, ok.  The tuna and avocado with scallions and sesame sauce was pretty tasty, however, it didn’t really mess with the gobbs of spicy mayo and oily shells on the bottom. 

Hawaiian Ahi Poke TacosCrunchy Sesame Ahi Tacos

I had 2 tacos before moving on to their amazing sweet potato fries.

Sweet Potato Fries

The Husband and I decided to split a vanilla bean shake as we “rolled” out to registration;)

Vanilla Bean Milk Shake

Can I just say that I LOVE the Wyndham Canterbury?!  I was able to book quite possibly the BEST time share we have ever stayed at for us ~ the 3 Bedroom Presidential Suite! 

Wyndham Resorts 

Just check out the diggs ~ Kitchen

Wyndham Canterbury Kitchen

I think we all want to find a way to sneak one of these bar stools home.

Wyndham Canterbury 3 Bedroom Presidential Suite

The urban San Francisco decorations totally rock throughout the entire place ~ Dining Room and Living Room.

Wyndham Canterbury Dining & Living RoomWyndham Canterbury Living RoomWyndham Canterbury

Master Suite ~ the curtains light up at night :D

Wyndham Canterbury Master Suite

Guest bed #1

Wyndham Canterbury Bedroom

Guest bed #2

Wyndham Canterbury Guest BedroomWyndham Canterbury Master Bath

The Husband wasted not time being quirky

Wyndham Canterbury Hall

I hooked everyone up with some awesome Annie’s Loot ~ super cute lunch bags (that they can put their names on) filled with an Annie’s t-shirt just like this one, M&C, Cheddar Bunnies, Bunny Grahams and Fruity Bunnies!

Annie's Lunch Bags

My Foodie Gift Exchange ~ A Harvest Grain Fall Basket!

Harvest Grain Fall Basket

I took one of my favorite recipes and bought everything to make it including a fall leaf bowl that The Husband picked out.  Since I am totally lame and forgot to take a picture BEFORE we wrapped it, here is what was in it a la Trader Joe’s:

* Harvest Grain Salad Recipe

* Trader Joe’s Harvest Grain Blend

* Organic Vegetable Broth

* White Balsamic Vinegar

* Sun Dried Tomatoes

* Artichoke Hearts

* 21 Seasoning Salute

I think it was as fun to make as it was to give it away :)

After catching up, we headed off for the Foodbuzz Street Fair.

Fort MasonFort Mason CenterThe Harbor

LOVE these girls ~ they seriously crack me up like all day long!

Janetha & Elise

We all were greeted with a glass of wine and a table # for the foodie gift exchange.

Herbst Pavillion

I think I could’ve pretty much taken this entire container of caramelized pears, cheese, crackers and bread home with me and not shared ;)

Cheesy~tizersTable Appetizers

Pear Walnut Tartlett.

Walnut Apple tart 

I got to know so many great new faces at the Foodie Gift Exchange. It was pretty cool to hear how/why people started their blog and what gifts they brought to represent themselves.

Foodie Gift Exchange

I am glad I picked a VEGAN recipe since the Hungry, Hungry Hippie got my gift :)


LOVE these girls too! Can you believe they got me to drink as much wine and beer as them?!


My foodie gift was from AMANDA of Two Boos Who Eat

IMG_1310Somis Nut House

I LOVE her too ~ I mean, look at all these awesome treats!  She had me at Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups ;)

Foodie Gift Exchange Loot

After the exchange, it was on to the food.  I pretty much think I have eaten my way through the festival since no points counted this weekend ;)

Mission MinisFoodbuzz Cupcakes

My favorite flavor of the night was definitely the Pumpkin cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting.

Mission Mini Cupcakes

There may or may not have been a few glasses Vanilla Bean Beer.

Thirsty BearGetting Beered Up

Action shot ~ Eat, drink, and attempt to randomly shoot a while LMAO


The Roli Roti BBQ Pork Rolls were back again this year!

Roli Roti

Crispy, crunchy, totally like a bacon pork sandwich with caramelized onions and roasted herb potatoes.

Pork Sandwich

My 2nd favorite dish of the night ~ Paella!  IO stuck with the VEGAN version since the huge pieces of Octopus in the other version kinda freaked me out.


Tacolious!!!!  Street tacos have to be one of the best foods ever created.

Braised Beef Chile Taco

They make a pretty good VEGAN Bean Taco ~ their salsa totally make their tacos amazing.

Tacolicious Vegan Taco

Then, I came past a few things I didn’t eat, but, took pictures of like this :)


I think it was pretty cool that they had the Spencer’s On The Go truck there from the Food Network The Great Food Truck Race….but, I was totally bummed that “Spencer” wasn’t there himself.

Spencer On The Go

I totally could not brave the snails, but, Janetha totally did it for me.

Escargot On A Stick

By far my absolute FAVORITE THING of the entire night was CURRY UP NOW!!!  I am not even someone who digs Indian food that much, but, I have to say their wraps were freakin’ amazing ~ so amazing, I ate TWO and only shared a little.

Curry Chicken

Curry Up Now Chicken WrapVeg

Vegetarian with Paneer Cheese ~ so HOT, but, SO GOOD!  I totally want to come back to SF just to get these!

Curry Up Now Vegetable Wrap

You can check out the First Annual Foodbuzz Day 1 Recap HERE to see how it compared to this year.

Want more ~ Visit the recaps of my favorite Foodbuzzers this year:

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* Meals and Moves

* The Great Balancing Act

See you all tomorrow for day 2!


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