The “Big” Reveal

by DanicasDaily on November 13, 2012

Happy Monday all! I am glad you all have been enjoying my latest soup recipes as much as we have. There is something about this time of year that makes me want soup for practically every meal.  I have been patiently dying to tell you all waiting to share my 3 announcements with you all and I am so glad I finally can spill the beans.

Are you all ready for the Big Reveal?  There first two are not as exciting but…..

1.  After years of using my beloved point & shoot camera (since 2008), I am finally attempting yet again to use my “big” camera that I bought 2 years ago ~my Cannon Rebel. After two days of using it, I have fallen in love with how much better my pictures look, but…….

2.  I realized I needed to have a photo editing software to resize and edit my pics so they will still load quickly on my site.  I finally bought Light Room 4 ~ my first “real” photo editing software.  I am excited about the possibilities but need to spend some time setting up the automation features (my main reason for buying it ~ it’s all about efficiency!)

3……You didn’t expect me to give up all 3 announcements just like that, did you?  The super BIG announcement you have to read on to find out about LOL…..

This morning I made sure I fit in my bonding time with the treadmill before we headed out for our road trip.  Before jumping on the treadmill for my 3.3 mile run, I fueled up with a 1/2 a PB&J Wich.

I bought these Frog Hollow Farm Organic Apricot Conserves back when we were on the Scavenger Hunt at the Farmer’s Market.


What I love about conserves is that they have more real fruit and less sugar than any jam or jelly you will buy.  They are also only 1 points+ for 2 Tbsp ~ awesome!


I toasted up an Oroweat Honey Wheat Thin Bun and topped it with 2 Tbsp of PB.


Then added 2 Tbsp of Conserves and split it with The Husband.  Each half was 3 points+ (SF + 2 WPA).


After running a few errands, we were off for our Road Trip ~ Stop #1 Healdsburg.


I have been wanting to go back to Moustache just so I could get a single brewed cup of Four Barrel Coffee.  This is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had.


We spent time walking around the town checking things out and The Husband got his Antique Shop fix in.


We ended up at Healdsburg Bar and Grill for lunch.


They have an awesome outdoor patio right in the middle of town with your typical pub food.


We split their BBQ Pork Hoagie that was topped with a homemade BBQ sauce, cornmeal onions and an Amber Ale Slaw. 


The side salad is a simple mixed greens that is topped with a citrus vinaigrette.  The Husband ordered a Barrel of Fries for his side.  I definitely stole a few Winking smile


The main reason for our trip was to visit Geyser Peak Winery so I could do a little research about the wines they make, the grapes they grow and to check out the winery.  Oh, and of course, taste some delicious wine from white to red to dessert to sparkling wines.


The outdoor courtyard sits on top of a hill with an amazing view and is absolutely beautiful.


Any guesses on my BIG Announcement #3 yet???


Gahhh, I can’t take it anymore!  I am super excited to tell you all that I will be moving on to my next adventure and working for Geyser Peak Winery’s Parent Company ~ Accolade Wines North America at the end of this month.


Accolade Wines is actually the 5th largest winery in the world and you will find their wines being sold in over 80 countries.  The brands I will be working with that you may recognize as Geyser Peak, Atlas Peak and XYZin


We finished our road trip strolling through Santa Rosa and heading over to Guy’s Johnny Garlic’s restaurant.


My date patiently waiting for me to snap pictures of everything….for the record, using a new camera makes me take like a million pictures Winking smile


While you sit down and look at the menu they bring out this incredibly moist focaccia onion bread to dip in balsamic and olive oil.  I honestly think this was my favorite thing I ate today.


I ordered the Volcano Chicken, a Guy Original Recipe.  It is grilled chicken in this spicy teriyaki, pineapple sauce.


Topped with fried onions, yukon mashed potatoes, green beans and a flower that I am not sure if you are supposed to look at or eat.


I ate about half a chicken breast and potatoes and all the green beans, but, left the flower and onions behind.  I had high hopes that this would be amazing, but, it was just ok. 


Here is a quick Week 10 update from AL ~ I am happy to see AL is cheering me on and recognizing the extra effort I’ve been putting in to reach my daily target.


If only I’d know I needed just 1% more, I’d have moved more!


STATS (12 am – 11 pm)

  • 2,798 calories burned
  • 13,201 steps taken
  • I didn’t track any WPA or points+ for today ~ I will estimate tomorrow.
  • AL – 10 AP, 135%


Tomorrow we are heading back to Santana Row to meet Barefoot Contessa, shop and watch the Tree Lighting ~ I love LONG weekends and cannot wait!!!

Night all!

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