The Boiled Peanuts Verdict….

by DanicasDaily on November 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday all!  I have to say thanks for all the nice comments on our travel adventures, all the ideas and for letting me know that The Pig has T-Shirts!!! I am totally going back to the Piggly Wiggly for one now LOL!

Today I actually have a kinda, sorta, normal food post!  It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about my daily eats because I think sharing my travels is more fun!  Since today was a relaxation day for us, it’s pretty much all about the food.

Each morning I usually take my laptop, magazine or a book (since I can never decide what I want to do) outside to have a big bowl of fruit.  The Husband usually joins me and concentrates on the lagoon looking for the alligators that are in it.


Today my mom whipped up egg-wiches for us too (5 points+).


After a quick stop to check out the turtles and

say HI to the bird at our resort, we were off for another day of fun.

Our first stop was the beach to check out how different it is during high tide.  The waves are a lot bigger and the birds were having breakfast.

My Mom actually took this picture that looks like a shark in the water next to the surfer.  It’s actually a bird flying….pretty cool!

The Husband picked all of our indoor activities since it was supposed to rain.

We played Boys against Girls and the winner got to pick the movie we were going to.


He kept joking when we were ahead they were going to have to go see a Princess movie or something….I LOVE bowling shoes (side note!) Open-mouthed smile


They won but luckily we all wanted to see the same movie.  Since we had time to kill before the movie, we headed out to lunch at Ruan Thai Hut.


It’s a super cute place located in Main Street Village.  They have both outdoor and indoor dining.


I ordered the Spicy Cashew Chicken Lunch Special.  You have the choice of the soup of the day or a spring roll. (5 points+).


Their presentation is sorta fun and sorta fancy ~ Rice Heart! (5 points+)


Carrot Flower….


100% delicious!  They let you pick the level of heat you want and I went on the safe side with medium.  It was the perfect amount of sweet chili spice, crunchy veggies and sauce that got soaked up by the rice.  (7 points+)


After lunch we did a little souvenir shopping then headed out to see Tower Heist.  We all really thought the movie was good ~ there are some funny parts but we all agreed the ending should’ve been different.


My Mom has the BEST portion control tip for the movies!!! Get the kiddie box ($4) and you end up with 3 cups of unbuttered movie popcorn for 4 points+, a fruit snack for 2 points+ and a drink!


We all picked one meal to cook this week and tonight was my night.  Any guesses on what I made for everyone????


Healthy Nachos!!! I also gave everyone a choice of regular nachos, tacos or salad.


Homemade tortilla chips, lean ground taco meat, low-fat cheddar, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, salsa, AVOCADO ~ my entire plate was 9 points+.


I totally believe when we travel we NEED to try everything we can to experience the culture where we are at…nothing says you have to like it, but, why not try it once.

I have wanted to try canned Boiled Peanuts ever since we first saw them in Atlanta, Georgia.

We bought two flavors to try ~ Regular….




The ingredients are pretty simple….


The stats are not bad ~ 3 points+ a serving.


I have to admit it kinda freaked me out when I opened the can and the peanuts were still in their shells.  I had visions that they were not in the shell….not that it mattered, I just didn’t expect that.


The VERDICT ~ My Mom and I personally think they were not so good but The Husband liked them.  Give them to “Mikey” (The Husband), he ate both cans!

The flavor is just like that of a roasted peanut, but, the texture is like mush.  The Husband says they are like kidney beans….I say kinda, sorta Winking smile


Tomorrow we are heading to Charleston, South Carolina

Any ideas for what we should see and where we should eat?

Night all!

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