The Meatless Dog….

by DanicasDaily on March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday all! I am not talking about a Dog without Meat and I definitely did not get creative enough to actually make my own Meatless Hot Dogs.  I have been wanting to grill out for the past three weeks but haven’t really found too many Meatless Options to Grill (other than kabobs & veggie burgers)….until tonight.  But, more on that in a few…..

For the past two weeks I have been craving an Oatmeal Protein Pancake, but, have not had time to make it.  Today, I decided to make it and take it with me on the go.


This totally hit the spot in every way ~ I love that berries are finally starting to be sweet, crunchy and delicious.  10 points+ (SF + 2 WPA for 1/2 Tbsp whipped butter & 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup).


Before heading out to Body Sculpt, I snacked on a banana and a slice of Asparagus Tortilla.

(SF) – 1 points+


Sculpt today was incredibly intense ~ I love the concept of working more than one body part at a time and it takes your mind off the millions of bicep curls you are doing when your legs are burning from lunging at the same time.  I have a feeling I am going to be sore all over again – in a good way of course.

Lunch was pretty much a repeat of yesterday ~ Mixed greens with 1 Tbsp Nature Box Berry Blend,  Tbsp Pistachios and 1 Tbsp Trader Joe’s Balsamic. (SF+ 2 WPA) – 2 points+


Served up with a heaping scoop of Tortellini Pasta Salad (SF+ 6 WPA) – 6 points+ .  I can’t decide which “treat” in the salad I like the most ~ the marinated mushrooms, the mozzarella balls, sun dried tomatoes, olives or tortellini….


We finally have a bunch of 0% FAGE in our house again! This is honestly my favorite Greek Yogurt ~ it’s thick, creamy, not bitter and you can really taste the fruit in the Jam.

(SF + 1 WPA for the Jam) – 3 points+


Today I did the unthinkable or at least unimaginable for me ~ we ventured out and tried something we both were actually “scared” to try….but, at the same time, wanted to try.  As you may have noticed  during Meatless March, we have not really eaten tofu or too many “mock” meat products.

Part of the reason is I am not big on the ingredient lists for most “mock” meats and I am not really a fan of tofu at all.

Tonight though….we busted out the Tofurky Italian Sausages ~ The selling point for me…..They are “outdoor grill approved”.


The other selling point ~ a fairly recognizable ingredient list that is short.


7 points+ per sausage ~ a little crazy, but, they are pretty big and packed with protein.  I probably would stick to half next go round and top them with peppers, onions, spaghetti sauce & cheese.


Oh how I’ve missed grilling out.  I topped my dog with all the fixin’s ~  tomatoes, onions, relish, ketchup and mustard.


Served up with half a side of Alexia Salt & Pepper Sweet Potato Crinkles (SF+ 2 WPA) – 2 points+


And…..Kale Chips (SF) – 1 points+


The verdict ~ you definitely need all the toppings to get the full impact of having a Grilled Sausage, however, the texture is surprisingly just like a sausage.

The tomato/basil is probably the most prominent flavor in these Tofurky Dogs ~ It’s as fun to say as it is to eat.


The true test though ~ The Husband actually ate two “dogs” and even stole some of my kale chips…It’s so cool to see him making better choices and liking them too!



  • Active Link ~ 6 Activity Points, 149% of my goal
  • 34 daily points+

Night all!

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