The Seattle Wrap Up

by DanicasDaily on February 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday all!  On our last day in Seattle, the weather was pretty frigid and wet from the snow the night before. We decided to save our trip to Ballard Locks for our summer visit as there will probably be more boats going through the canal.

For breakfast we decided it was our last chance to eat at the Library Bistro in our hotel. 


They brought us coffee with the Sunday Seattle times for reading.


How cute is this box they use for the sugars.


I knew exactly what I wanted when I looked at the menu. Bacon & Eggs!


Our waiter was pretty awesome ~ when I asked him if they had anything other than hash browns that I could have, he told me to tell him what I wanted. When I asked for fruit, he asked what kind ~ I said how about bananas and berries and he said no problem at all!


I ate everything on my plate including my slice of dry wheat toast. (SF + 4 WPA) – 8 points+.


I also stole one of the Beignets The Husband ordered because I had never tried one.  It totally reminded me of a lighter and fluffier version of funnel cakes. (SF + 4 WPA) – 4 points+


Before heading out to walk a few miles in the freezing cold weather, we stopped at Starbucks to grab Tall nonfat lattes to keep our hands warm. (SF) – 3 points”"+


We spent the day walking around a few antique shops and town picking up a few last minute souvenirs and of course taking a few random pictures.

The waterfront shops are more like buildings along the different piers (mainly restaurants) that you just go inside to check out.  There isn’t really a boardwalk per se.


We visited the Seattle Antique Shop right across from the Piers.


And took the Link Light Rail to go to the Pacific Antique Market (which has hundreds of stores inside) next to the Safeco Stadium.


I had no idea the Starbuck’s Headquarters was downtown, but, totally recognized the head popping out of the building.


We both took pictures of this guy hammering at the “SAM” – Seattle Art Museum.


We headed over to Pike St and Pike Place for lunch Open-mouthed smile


Our original thought was to head over to Beecher’s Cheese Shop for soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.   We took a short cut through Post Alley.


When we stumbled upon 3 Sister’s European Sandwiches.  After checking out the menu and of course Yelp, we decided to give it a go.


It was totally a fun surprise to find a cheese ravioli in the midst of their homemade chunky tomato basil soup.  I really like that it totally broth based, not creamy or overly sweet and there is a nice kick of spice they put in this soup.  You get a huge bowl for only $3.75.

(SF) – 4 points+


It’s served up with a warm slice of grilled focaccia that is totally delicious with the soup. (SF + 3 WPA) – 3 points+


The Husband ordered the soup plus their sandwich/salad combo which included your choice of their homemade salads (he picked Greek) and the Santa Barbara sandwich.  This is only $7.75 which is pretty good considering all you get.


I shared this salad ~ it was totally crunchy from all the veggies with a light, herby, red wine and olive oil vinaigrette.  I’d order this salad again to go with my soup.


The Santa Barbara sandwich has turkey, tomato, sprouts, avocado and I think cheese all Panini pressed on their tasty focaccia.  He actually went back for another sandwich he liked it so much and says this is by far his favorite place we ate on the trip.


A few more random pictures as we walked around making sure there wasn’t anything else we had to buy or eat before we left Open-mouthed smile


The night view of the signs above.


He actually took these pictures of the duck friends and the blue bird who was feeding its babies in the nest you can’t see below.


My favorite picture from his camera….I love the way he captured the ferry boat sailing away in the mountains.


One thing I love about downtown Seattle is that they have all these old buildings mixed in with the modern buildings.  It’s like they have managed to preserve so much of the history as the town has grown.  We have a lot of building pictures but this one I think captures what I am trying to say.


We “almost” ate here just because we wanted to say we’ve been to a Jimmy John’s or to JJ’s LOL.  Nope, we do not have these in California ~ I just like the name.


And because I am like 12, we both had a good laugh over this sign….I have to ask you Seattleites….did any of you go to see this “Live Show” before the building went up for lease??? Winking smile


Our last stop before heading to the airport was to go back to Beecher’s to get a container of their homemade mac n cheese to go.  This stuff is so super extra sharp creamy with a tasty hint of sweet paprika pepper.  I wish I could’ve smuggled a bunch of their cheese back but, it’s probably better for my waistline that I couldn’t.


The funniest souvenir we picked up was “Bruce” ~ We got him at the Kitchen Basics store as Pike Place.


On a good day you put him heads up to swim in your wine bottle…on a bad day, he goes head first! Open-mouthed smile


We definitely walked a lot of our long weekend trip to Seattle ~ a total of 28.2 miles!  Here is my tracker for the last day.I think all those active minutes were hoofing my luggage up the hill to catch light rail back to the airport!


Catching up ~ Here are the posts for our Seattle Trip so far:

This week is crazy busy back at work, but, I am planning on getting right back to my Simply Filling groove.  I will be back to posting my daily trackers tomorrow.  Thanks again for coming along on our trip to Seattle and sharing all your experiences along the way.

Night all!

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