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by DanicasDaily on January 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday all!  I did it….I was up at 5 am this morning and on the treadmill before my brain could figure out what I was up to.  Believe it or not, it actually felt great to get up and get moving again….I can’t believe I am going to say this, but, I actually “missed” the treadmill.   That’s just crazy talk, but, it’s true!

After my 30 minute jog/walk, I cooked Healthy Egg Rolls for The Husband and I for breakfast.


Yup, missed these tasty little rolls too. 4 points+


One of my fabulous co-workers cooked up these delicious Coconut Granola Bars and brought me one to try.  I absolutely loved it with my morning coffee ~ it’s slightly sweet, crunchy and chewy….the texture of the coconut, granola and dried food make it totally worth 4 points+.


I also had the chance to take her to my favorite new place that I am completely and 110% addicted too.  It’s called Tarla Mediterranean Grill but I refer to it as “Kabob” because it’s what I always get there Open-mouthed smile.  They serve some pretty amazing Greek & Turkish Fusion Cuisine.


I “almost” ventured out to try something new today, but, I just love the Chicken Kabob special too much not to get it.

Soft rolls dipped in Olive Oil with Beer Olives. (4 points+)


The soup of the day was Cream of Cauliflower.  I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t all that excited when I found that out, but, ordered it anyway.

AMAZING!!! It seriously tasted like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese.  The orange drizzle is roasted Turkish paprika oil that totally needs to be stirred in.  I tasted it straight up and had to pretty much down my water ~ it was spicy, smoky and paired so well with the soup. (4 points+)


Do you all remember last time I thought that there were “olives” in the salad dressing too?  I learned today that they name their salad after the spice they put in the dressing (that makes it look like olives).

Sumac Salad ~ it’s a delicious herbed vinaigrette. (1 points+)


All together with that grilled chicken kabob and chick pea rice that I am IN LOVE with. (8 points+)


We walked around Napa in the sunshine before grabbing nonfat decaf latte’s and heading back to the office. (3 points+)


Surprisingly late afternoon I was hungry again so I snacked on a banana with a lite string cheese to keep me from wanting to eat everything in the house when I walked in the door. (1 points+)


The only thing is The Husband had a few surprises up his sleeve that I had absolutely no idea about.  Not only did he clean the house, buy a new vacuum and do yard work, he got all dressed up and asked me out on a date as soon as I walked in the door.

He knows I’ve been wanting to try the Mandarin Restaurant ever since they remodeled and had it all planned out. (I LOVE HIM! Seriously……he knows me so well).


We shared the small bowl of Won Ton Soup to start that I totally topped with their hot chili sauce as soon as it arrived. (2 points+)


The BIGGEST pot stickers I have ever seen.  I love how thick the noodle dough part was on them and they tasted fantastic when dipped in spicy soy sauce.  Each pot sticker is 3 points+ but worth it in my book.


The Husband isn’t much of a Chinese food fan, but, he does pretty much order the same two things each time we go.  I had a few bites of his two dishes.

Pork Fried Rice ~ The fresh peas popped with each bite and the pork added a nice smokiness.

1/2 cup = 5 points+


Broccoli Beef with crispy, crunchy broccoli. (1 cup = 4 points+)


I actually ordered the Szechuan Chicken to have a few bites thinking it would be perfect for lunch tomorrow ~ it looked good but I wasn’t really a fan of the vinegar they used in it.  I guess it’s a good thing since it saved me some points+. (1 cup =  3 points+)



  • AL – 93% and 4 Activity Points ~ must find 7% still
  • 32 Daily Points+ (and worth going into my WPA for!)
  • 72 oz water plus coffee and tea!


What is one thing you love to order at a Chinese Restaurant?

I am all about Pot Stickers and Won Ton Soup…..other than that, it is usually steamed veggies and chicken with the sauce on the side.

Night all!

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