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by DanicasDaily on January 10, 2013

Thank you all so incredibly much for all the get well comments, emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter messages.  I read every single one of them on my phone and they really did help me feel a little better each time.  I am truly touched that so many of you took time out of your day to send good vibes our way and gave me a giggle when you all encouraged The Husband to post his eats.  Thank you all for being so awesome!

Now about that nasty bug I caught ~ It was awful, as in quite possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced in my life.  My Doctor is a pretty smart cookie because she had a back up plan.

I really thought I had Strep throat, however, that little Q-Tip swab of my throat came back negative.  The Mono test is 100% accurate because they draw your blood to take it.  Luckily that came back negative.  The smart thing my Doctor did when she took my Mono test was to order a White Blood Cell count and analysis test.  This test showed her that the type of antibodies my body was sending out to fight the infection were the type they send for a bacteria versus virus and she quickly put me on antibiotics.

We don’t actually know what bug I caught or if it really was Strep or something else, but, the antibiotics almost immediately started to make things better and I am finally on the mend!

The Husband has been incredibly awesome and pretty funny too.  All of these pictures are taken by him….I will work at getting back to pictures taking tomorrow or the next day.

On the day we got home from the hospital, he went out and bought every single type of soup they had in the store.

Lipton’s Noodle Soup…..

Plus Gatorade, tea and orange juice for hydration….I honestly couldn’t even really eat the crackers.

Cup of Soup ~ I haven’t had this since I was a kid but it was really delicious.  He put crackers with everything even though I almost always returned them Smile

He also bought canned chicken noodle, but, honestly, I really do not like the canned stuff all that much.

When I was finally tired of the soup we had, he went out and got my two favorite things that I told him make colds better Winking smile


And Won Ton Soup!

In between soups, I did have applesauce, bananas and oatmeal on occasion but that was mainly eaten so I did not get sick from the medicine.

He also bought a bunch of things that were easy to swallow and cool as the doctor said cool things will help my throat.  She was totally right – I liked cool things over hot.

Jell-O (I love that he dug out a placemat to match)


And, one of my favorite friends brought by a Vitamin C Boost from Jamba Juice to help boost my system.  I am pretty addicted to these at the moment……

The on thing I’ve missed the most more than anything…..The Husband’s guppy kisses!  We are not allowed to do any of that until my antibiotics are over…..maybe TMI, but, it’s true!


Today was the first day I ventured out and had “real” food and COFFEE!! I cannot believe I couldn’t fathom drinking a coffee and turned down several Starbuck’s delivery offers….that’s how sick I was LOL.

Thanks again everyone!  I will catch up with your emails, etc. hopefully over the weekend.  See you all tomorrow with a food post that is hopefully a little more exciting than my “hospital” food I’ve been eating.

Night all!

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