The Weight Watchers 360 Program

by DanicasDaily on December 3, 2012

Happy Sunday all!  Today is the day I wait for each year when Weight Watchers unveils the latest in their program and shares the materials for their new program.  The 2013 Weight Watchers program is called Weight Watchers 360.  I do not know what it is, but, I LOVE getting a refresher in motivation each year even when the program really doesn’t change too much. 

Before I begin sharing my thoughts I want to answer the one question I know you all have…..

There are NO CHANGES AT ALL to the Weight Watchers Points+ Program and how it works. 

The new 360 program is focused more on the science behind weight loss and improving their digital technology (which is awesome!)


The main focus in 2013 is helping to set everyone up for success in two ways.

First, by creating Power Spaces and setting your environment up for success. 

I am a total believer in this as you cannot be tempted by what is NOT there.  If you know a food is a trigger food for you, then, do not bring it into the house.  Reserve it for the times you really want it and then, go out and buy a single serving.


The second thing focuses on changing your habits and developing new routines to make the program your lifestyle. 


Weight Watchers is focusing on the adage that says it takes 21 days to build a habit and plans on helping all their members take baby steps by picking one new routine to create each month. 

The handouts have 16 routines to help you get started on the right foot and in the right direction.


Everything else about the program remains the same….There is still a focus on tracking being the #1 key to success and I think it’s awesome they are showing everyone it’s a tool to learn how to make better choices down the road.


The Weight Watchers PointsPlus program still encourages everyone to get in the same Good Health Guidelines as a baseline for their daily eats.  Activity will be encouraged through AL.


I really like how the paper trackers really focus on showing you how to fit the good health guidelines in your day with a focus on Power Foods.  The new approach this year will encourage members to focus on maximizing their satisfaction and health with power foods.


The other “BIG” changes will include interactive meetings with videos, an improved E-Tools and….drum roll please….an improved Mobile App!

There are some fun features like Snap Shot (taking pictures of your food to add to your tracker) that are on the horizon too!

While I do think the changes are fun as they focus on the “Big Picture”, part of it is all in the marketing to “refresh” the look of their existing products.

The new Deluxe Kits, now called the Ultimate 360 Kits are pretty cute. 


But, what makes them fun are the collapsable measuring cups, tape measurer and full workout DVD.  The journal inside was developed by Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watcher leader too.


I had to do it….I couldn’t pass up the new Turn Up The Flavor Cookbook.


Yes, I totally gave into my recipe addiction, but, there are some tasty looking recipes inside.


And…..A section that identifies all the recipes that are SIMPLY FILLING!!! I am so glad Weight Watchers is back to identifying the recipes that are SF!


That pretty much sums up this year’s updates so far.  If any of you have specific questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer if I can.

After the meeting, we headed over to Starbuck’s for lattes and a banana.


Grande Nonfat, Decaf Latte with Caramel Drizzle on top (it makes it like a marshmallow on top of the foam). SF – 3 points+


After running a bunch of errands this morning in the pouring rain, we headed over to Panera to warm up with Soup.

French Onion Soup (SF + 2 WPA for the croutons/cheese)  ~ I swear one day I am going to order just a bag of these croutons to put in my soup – they are so completely buttery, melt in your mouth good.


1/2 a Chicken Cobb ~ sans the stinky cheese for low-fat swiss and with the dressing on the side.(SF+1 WPA for the dressing) plus a baguette. (SF + 5 WPA).

Using Panera’s Nutrition Calculator if you are counting, my meal is 13 points+.


We had our 3rd holiday party of the season tonight at one of our friends house. 


We were greeted with wine and appetizers as soon as we walked in the door.  On my plate a little wine, merlot cheese (this was amazing!), asparagus tortilla, a few nuts, a cracker with olive spread and a cracker with roasted red pepper spread.


The Grill Masters!!!


Seriously….they made perfect pork chops taste amazing simply by seasoning with salt & pepper.


The sides….Roasted red potatoes.


Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Corn


Parmesan Asparagus


I LOVE her house and want her to come decorate ours! Everything was so festive and fun.


See what I mean….super juicy with the perfect seasoning and a little smokiness from the grill. 


My entire plate is 100% Simply Filling except for the slice of bread on the side.


She is seriously the hostess with the mostest….

Flour De Sal Caramel on vanilla bean ice cream with a dark chocolate almond cookie and decaf coffee ~ the perfect finish.


I am off to catch some zzzz’s so I can hop on the treadmill in the morning. 


What is one thing you are looking forward to with the Weight Watchers 360 Program?

Night all!

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