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by DanicasDaily on December 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday everyone!  As you all know from my post last year about the NEW Weight Watchers PointsPlus Plan, I LOVE getting my hands on the new materials as soon as they come out.  I think that was one things I missed the most about travelling home on Sunday ~ I had to wait a day to see what the updates were to the new Weight Watchers 2012 Points Plus Plan.


As several of you requested, I have outlined what I feel are the some of the BEST changes to the plan along with my thoughts and answered a few things I figured some people might ask along the way.  I do NOT work for Weight Watchers so this is all based on my personal knowledge/experience.

New pamphlets totally make me GEEK OUT ~ I cannot wait to dig in and read each one cover to cover even if I already know what the plan is all about LOL.


Here is what you will receive when you walk in the door to your meeting:

  • Super cool Blue Booklet Holder
  • Weekly Handout (there is a new one each week)
  • A quick 2012 Reference Card with 3 steps to help you get started
  • Meet Points Plus 2012 ~ the new “Getting Started” Book that tells you how to work the program
  • Living Points Plus 2012 ~ Additional information (more like FAQ’s) to help you work the plan
  • Pocket Guide ~ contains A-Z points+ values for foods, tips on portion sizes, activity and weight goal calculators.
  • Weekly Paper Tracker (if you have the phone app, I recommend it over paper because it syncs with your online E-tools & it’s honestly AWESOME!)
  • Weigh In Book (shows your weight record along with your NEW Daily Points Plus Target

For those worried about CHANGE ~ I can honestly say don’t be! 

The changes are a direct result of all the feedback Weight Watchers received from all the members this past year.


You can tell they really put a lot of thought into the new materials to ensure they addressed several of the “grey” areas and questions people were having with the new program. 


Plus, they really set Newbies Up for Success with some seriously AWESOME getting started tools!


SIMPLY PUT ~ 6 Steps to be the Weight you want to be!



1. Customize your Daily Points+ Target ~ You now have the flexibility to manually change your points+ target based on learning what works best for your body.

You may have noticed your Daily Points+ Target was changed for you from 29 points+ to 26 points+.  NOTHING says you have to reduce your daily Target.  I would follow this recommendation in deciding ~ it’s all trial and error because no TWO people will lose weight in the same way.


If you are losing weight and at a rate you are happy with (such as 1/2 – 2 lbs a week), then, do nothing and keep your existing target.

If you are NOT losing weight or losing at a slow rate, such as .2 lbs a week, then consider adjusting your points+ target by +/- 3 points+ a day.

Do NOT go lower than the minimum of 26 points+ a day (on a daily basis unless you are truly not hungry) and make sure you are focusing on using your points plus to meet your Good Health Guidelines FIRST.


2. Take a Break for a Day with Simply Filling!!! I can speak for my LOVE for Simply Filling (aka CORE!) because I lost HALF my weight following CORE.

Simply Filling is all about eating power foods until SATISFIED and using your Weekly Points Allowance for any NON Power Food Items. You would be surprised ~ even though you do not track the points+ for Power Foods, you end up in about the same Daily Target Range.

The BIG Difference is now you can try it out for a DAY versus having to commit to a week! ~ try it ~ you might just like it!


3. Set you ACTIVITY GOAL!!! Probably one of my favorite NEW features is that Weight Watchers now assigns you a weekly activity goal and provides guidance on ideas you can do to meet that goal. 

If you have E-Tools, take the “quiz” online ~ it takes less than 1 minute and it’s a fun way to get motivated to MOVE MORE!

It starts off small around 14 activity points a week and goes up from there depending our your individual activity goals and level of fitness.


4. Make it WORK FOR YOU!!  I get questions daily from all of you asking me how I work the program, why points+ values are different, how do I allocate my points+ by meal, how to calculate the points+ values of recipes and more.

I do my best to answer them based on what I know, by asking my leader and/or researching them myself. I have to admit that sometimes even I have the same questions!

However, I have to say, it’s AWESOME to see that Weight Watchers has really “LISTENED” to everyone and created several Q & A sections to answer all those things that inquiring minds want to know.


Here are some of the questions you can find answers to in your new Meet Points Plus Book

  • How Does the Points Plus formula compare to the old points formula? Can I combine the two plans?
  • I am used to the Old Points Values, Do I really have to learn the whole new set of points plus values?
  • The Question I get asked almost every other week ~ Why Does the Points Plus Value of Foods with alcohol seem to come out wrong??
  • The Question I personally do NOT always agree with and know there is a lot controversy over……I included the reply because it was easier than retyping it….I think it’s a personal preference in how you account for it and if you can lose weight with how you count fruit and veggies in recipes (including or excluding) then go for it!


  • THE FRUIT QUESTION ANSWERED!! I think that one area that needed some verbiage around it was the zero points plus fruit.  You should ONLY eat until satisfied & use fruit to replace less healthy options (dare I say all those 100 calorie cookie packs!).  You should also think about the types of fruit you are eating.~ do not   Definitely focus on a variety of fruits too if you can ~ do not just go for bananas Open-mouthed smile


5. REDUCE IT!! They added reducing your added sugar and sodium versus just saying “limit” sugar with alcohol in the good health guidelines…..all are important factors in being healthy!


You will still find all the great visual references you saw last year, like how to visually measure a portion and how to determine your hunger levels.

There is also great guidance on how to plan out your meals by day.


Find your daily points+ target and use this as a guide for how many points plus to have at each meal and snack.


In addition to providing 3 weeks of pre planned meals for all members, there is a great Kick Start plan with RECIPES to mix and Match for the Week using the Pull Out Meal Planner in your Meet 2012 Points Plus Book.


I personally LOVE using Calorie Count to calculate the nutritional information for my recipes (It’s FREE and you can copy/paste the recipe).  I  also use Weight Watchers Recipe Builder in E-Tools when I want a find just the points+ value and/or see how it compares to calorie count.

You can always follow this Simple Recipe Math Formula to determine how to calculate the points plus values in recipes.


6. 3 POWER START SESSIONS WITH 3 WEEKLY MEAL PLANS! For the first 3 weeks, you all will have the chance to stay after your regular meeting for a Power Start Session.

3 words ~ JUST DO IT!


It’s a great refresher and you never know….you might just learn something new. (Did I mention weekly meal plans?! Open-mouthed smile)

The 3 Pre-Planned Power Start Trackers will cover:

  • Power Spaces ~ Out with the old & In with the GOOD for you foods!
  • Power Choices ~ Focusing on the right foods that give you the most bang for your buck!
  • Power Plans ~ Tips for dining out, adding in exercise & making the plan part of your daily routine ~ you do it without thinking, just like brushing your teeth (as my favorite leader always reminds us!)


My FAVORITE part of the trackers ~ the meal plans (based on a 26 points+ day) with room to make swaps for things like salmon that I do not like to eat.


There is a whole list of ideas to swap out the foods you do not want to eat and to add on to your daily points+ target to make it higher than 26 points+.


Ohhhh, and you can just head to the store right after your meeting using the shopping list they provide for the entire week’s worth of meals.




For ALL members going to meetings from now through 12/31/11, you will receive the Living Points Plus 2012 Book at the first meeting.

If you go on 01/01/12 or later, you will receive it AFTER you have attended all 3 Power Start Sessions mentioned above.


7. The LAST and FINAL UPDATE ~ FREE E-Tools for Lifetime Members (Finally!!!)


For those wondering ~ SHOULD I BUY ANY OF THE NEW STUFF?

Personally, I would NOT buy the new Deluxe Kit or Essentials Kit if you bought them last year because the points+ values of foods have not changed.  If you are an E-Tools and phone app user, you do NOT “need” (you may “want”) them because you have it all right on your phone/computer.

That being said, I know the new kits will include more foods (they are added all the time) and they will include any adjustments that they discovered for items that were misprinted last year.

If you are in the Market for new Books, here are the sales going on that I know of through 12/31/11.

  • The Deluxe & Essential Kits are $10 Off
  • The Pedometer is $5 Off
  • The Scale is $5 off

The NEW CALCULATOR!! It is $5.95 until 12/31/11 and $7.50 after that.  The ONLY change in the calculator besides the new Bigger Numbers (I LOVE that!) is the way it calculates your Daily Points Plus Target.  It actually will calculate the range down to 26 points plus.  Otherwise, NOTHING else changed in how it calculates the points+ values of foods.


WANT AN EXTRA CALCULATOR and do not care about the daily target?  Buy the OLD ones because they are on sale for $3.95 until sold out!


If you are a DORK like me and cannot pass up a cookbook if your life counted on it, get the Power Foods Cook Book ~ it’s $14.95 and there are so many delicious things I know I will be making from it soon!



Ok, I think that summarizes all the changes to the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program that I know of……I’d LOVE to know what you all think and if you have any Questions??

LET THE NEW JOURNEY BEGIN ~ I am so pumped!! Oh and My daily journals will resume again tomorrow.

Night all!

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