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by DanicasDaily on August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday all!  Thanks for all the congrats on being One Size Smaller and on my .6 lb weight loss this week.  I honestly could not wait to get to my meeting today to pick up my Weight Watchers Active Link.  I have a fun new gadget that I hear is similar to Fit Bit although the companies are different.  You know I have to give it a name (like my BM)

Meet AL (for Active Link)! lol…..


I have been hearing my leader and a few of my friends who work at Weight Watchers rave about it now for months.


As you all know, I do have a slight gadget fetish, but, I am all about spending the money to invest in myself when it is going to benefit me by helping me to change my lifestyle.


I could spend $39.95 going out to dinner, the movies, at Starbuck’s or I could buy something that helps me achieve lifelong results by indirectly encouraging me to change my lifestyle.  There is also a $5 a month fee that gets billed through your weightwatchers.com e-tools membership.


In the box you will find a clip on the left to wear the active link on your hip, shirt or on your bra.  The Active Link is the USB drive in the middle and then, there is a clip on the right in case you want to wear it as a necklace.

I will say I WISH there was a cord in the box to wear it as a necklace….I feel like if you give me a clip to wear it as a necklace, then, it needs to have the necklace.


Setting up the Active Link Device is super easy.  You plug in the USB, download the FREE Active Link Software at GetActiveLink.Com.  Then, sign into your Weight Watcher’s E-Tools account when it pops up.


There are a few steps to follow to set up that take about 2 minutes.  You select your time zone and the place where you plan to where your active link…in your pocket, on your belt/waist, tight on your chest (inside your bra so no one sees it) or loose on your chest (on that necklace they didn’t give you) Winking smile


The home screen pops up with a notice letting you know that your first 8 days are an assessment.  Active Link uses this time to determine what your average baseline activity is each day.  Your baseline is the minimum activity you need to achieve each day factoring in all your movement throughout the day, not just when you exercise.


Once your baseline is determined, Active Link will create a 12 Week Challenge that is customized for you based entirely on your average baseline activity plus a little increase by week to help encourage you to move more each week.


The one thing I think makes Activity Link Better than any device I’ve used (Body Bugg, Body Media, Garmin, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor ~ told ya, I like gadgets lol!) is that it is WATERPROOF!  you can wear it swimming or if you accidentally wash it, it’s OK.


The one thing that was a selling point for me is that it is linked up to my Weight Watchers E-Tools tracker to I can truly see how many Activity Points I earn each day and not just “estimate”.

It does NOT sync with the Weight Watcher’s mobile app yet, but, I am hoping they get on board with making that happen soon too since it is how I track/view my day most days.


I also like that you have to meet your baseline activity BEFORE your activity points kick in.


Since I am just in Day 1 of my Assessment, I do not have a full review for you all yet. 

I am planning on completely reviewing my Active Link and then doing a post with full comparison to my Body Bugg and Body Media (BM) Devices along with a daily STATS comparison.

Would any of you be interested in me hosting an Active Link Giveaway?


This morning I started off with 2 of my Blueberry Mini Muffins (SF + 3 WPA) – 3 points+


And a mini gala apple picked off the vine.


After the meeting, we stopped at Starbuck’s for breakfast part II ~ Grande Nonfat, Decaf Lattes with caramel sauce drizzled on top. (SF) – 3 points+


After running around to pick up a few things for this week’s menu and doing a little yard work, we stopped at The Joy of Eating.

I cannot believe that I am still willing to have this salad over their phenomenal BLTA’s

Teriyaki Chicken Salad with Homemade Sesame Miso Dressing on the side!  It was so delicious I honestly did not miss having a BLTA and I even turned down a bite of The Husband’s sandwich.  Crazy, but, so cool (SF + 2 WPA for the dressing) – 8 points+


After lunch, I turned all those veggies I bought at the Farmer’s Market yesterday……


Into this fantastic Roasted Vegetable Barley Ratatouille Salad ~ It’s fresh, vegan and I made it up just so I have lunches ready to grab and go this week.


I also finally made up some homemade Turkey Apple Sausages that are 100% Simply Filling.  These little patties just might be better than the real deal…The Husband devoured two before I told him they were made with turkey Open-mouthed smile


After spending a little time prepping in the kitchen and catching up on emails, comments, etc., we sat down for tacos using our leftover Healthy Nacho Fixin’s.


I topped two Mission Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas with 1/2 cup Turkey Taco Meat, 2 Tbsp RF Sharp Cheese, lettuce, tomato, green onions…..


Homemade Salsa Fresca that I could honestly eat by the spoonful….


And a 0% Greek Yogurt drizzle for sour cream. (SF + 2 WPA) – 6 points+


Some recipes that I’ll be posting this week in addition to the weekly menu ~ Those Blueberry Mini Muffins, Lemon Barley Ratatouille Salad and my Homemade Turkey Apple Sausage Patties.



Do you have or did you buy an Active Link?  If so, what do you think so far. 

Night all!

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