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by DanicasDaily on September 15, 2012

Happy Saturday all!  Several of you have commented and emailed me asking me to explain how  to use the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique.  Some of you guessed it right in that I do have a few “tweaks” I apply to make it more of a sustainable lifestyle for me.  However, please know that I have a set of rules that I apply to my “tweaks’” and if any of them fail, then, I do not allow that “tweak” anymore.  In my post today, I plan on explaining to you Simply Filling versus CORE, the jist of how to work the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique officially and how I work the plan.



For those who have done Weight Watchers for awhile, you may recall the CORE Method.  CORE was the first time Weight Watchers introduced the concept of not tracking points, focusing on whole, clean, real foods and listening to your bodies hunger signals.  I  know this concept freaked out several people and I loved hearing all the comments from everyone like…..

“If I knew when to stop eating and eating just until I was satisfied, I wouldn’t be here”.

The thing that I am not sure most people realized though is that there is so much “healthy” stuff you can eat so it was hard to go overboard on CORE.  There were a few foods that I absolutely loved on CORE that I made sure I measured so I wouldn’t go overboard like avocados & olives.  I did miss having breads and it was often tough to decide which part of the day I’d have my “one serving” of carbohydrates.

I actually did the CORE method for over a year when it first came out and successfully lost/kept off 35 lbs.   I lost more on CORE than I did counting points because it took away my obsession of how much of this or that can I get for my points and it helped me focus on Whole Foods that were more nutritionally sound.


Following the Simply Filling Technique is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.You do not have to track your food, however, I recommend tracking and measuring in the beginning until you feel comfortable that you can control how often you eat and the size of your portions.


1.  Focus on Power Foods/Simply Filling Foods ~ lean proteins, fat free dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, your 2 tsp of healthy oil, reduced calorie breads and broth based soups.

2.  Use your Weekly Points Allowance (WPA) for any foods that do not fit in the above categories or do not fit into a category on this Simply Filling Foods List.  You do not have to track the points+ for any of the Simply Filling Foods you eat.  You only track the non-Simply Filling Foods.

3.  Eat just until satisfied making sure you eat slowly, listen to your body and stop/rest/assess as you are eating.  The goal is to not feel too full or too hungry, but, to feel “just right”.

100% Homemade Simply Filling Ice Cream ~ count 1 WPA for the Sugar Cone!


I know there has been some confusion over the little green triangles that show a “Power Food”.  I have learned that not all Power Foods are Simply Filling Foods and vice versa. It was this Weight Watcher’s article that confused me when I first started looking into it when people were asking about the green triangles.  image

Therefore, to keep things simple, I focus on this Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling List since it is very similar to when I followed CORE. I look for similar items that would fall into the categories, i.e., like light breads and thin buns.


Before I jump into this part, I was to start off by saying this is 100% how I follow the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique based on my experience with CORE and what I can sustain as a lifestyle, not just as a quick fix to lose.  You do not have to apply any of these “tweaks” when you work Simply Filling, but, I wanted to share for those who have asked.


1. The food items needs to be similar – just like I do with the fat free versus low-fat cheese. The low-fat cheese I use has 2 g of fat and I am more likely to pick that as a snack versus a fat free cheese slice. Plus I can recognize the ingredients on low fat over fat free cheese. 


Canadian Bacon falls in this category for me too as it is a fat free luncheon meat. I also will use a Simply Filling item when it works the same – like I don’t mind cooking with fat free cheeses. Soy Cheese is Simply Filling so food for thought on this one.


Another example of similar or close to Simply Filling is I will “fry” my sweet potato wedges in my 2 tsp of healthy oil which is Simply Filling.  Having Sweet Potato Chips is NOT Simply Filling


2. I will ALWAYS substitute something that is more nutritionally sound if I can keep my portions in check. My focus is always on clean eating and foods I can recognize the ingredients on – limiting artificial things. This is one reason I will often use the real deal for products.


3. I have to be real with myself – am I losing weight with the tweaks I am making and/or am I making too many? If I find I am making too many tweaks or not losing weight, then, I count the points+ against my WPA or find a Simply Filling Substitute.

4. For packaged foods, I assess the ingredient list to determine is it really not Simply Filling or close. I read somewhere if it has more than 3 ingredients, then, count the points+ for the entire item/recipe. I try to follow that.

I am not really a fan at all of any of the Light Breads, but, I have found that I love the Oroweat Honey Wheat Thin Buns. I can totally enjoy sandwiches and burgers, like this Better Than a Big Mac knowing that it falls into the same category as a Light Bread – stats wise.


5. Last, but, not least, when I am put in challenging situation, I try to focus on “Simply Filling Like” foods. I actually did a post on this during The Husband’s birthday week to show how I apply that logic by making the most of our dining out.



The way that I figure out my recipes is to breakdown the ingredient list. You do not need to count any of the points+/WPA for foods that are Simply Filling. For all non-Simply Filling Foods, take the total of the ingredients and divide it by the total number of servings.

This Italian Wedding Soup is the perfect example


Here is what I did in this case:

  • 1/2 lb Jennie-O Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage = 9 points+
  • 1/2 cup bread crumbs – although you could make your own with light bread to make it Simply Filling, I didn’t. = 3 points+
  • 2 Tbsp Parmesan = 2 points+

Total for non-Simply Filling Foods = 14, divided by 6 servings = Simply Filling + 2 WPA per serving.

If there are more non-Simply Filling Foods than there are Simply Filling, I count the entire serving against my WPA (a good example is real deal pizza).

Did I mention Nonfat Lattes, Cappucino’s and Misto’s are 100% Simply Filling?! Open-mouthed smile


I personally feel that the Simply Filling Technique addresses all the things I LOVED and didn’t LOVE about CORE and made it the ideal plan.  As sad as I am avocados and olives are out, I completely understand why they are ~ for their “abuse” potential. I know if I didn’t measure them, I could eat a lot of avocado!

On the other hand, they took away the once a day restriction on a healthy carbohydrate and adding in reduced calorie breads.  For me, that made up for taking away AVOCADOS!

Here is a link where you can go to see how I have been working the Simply Filling Technique since July of this year.


I have created a Simply Filling Category for my Recipe page ~ eventually I will get everything flagged that is Simply Filling.


Does that help provide you all with some insight on how you can apply the Simply Filling Technique?  Anyone ready to jump in and try it now?

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I will be more than happy to answer them if I know the answer.

Off to watch Date Night with The Husband for Date Night! Catch up with you all tomorrow!

Night all!

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