Well, that’s the first time I ever……

by DanicasDaily on July 4, 2010

*** HAPPY 4th of JULY all ***!!!

Do you ever just have days that don’t really seem to work for you + cooking?!  Ummm, that was me tonight of all nights.  I LOVE MY GRILL and as you all know grill any chance I get to avoid doing extra dishes :D I can admit that LOL…..

I was so excited to grill tonight because I had been marinating a fantastic tri tip in Chaka Sauce and Chicken in TJ’s Island Soyaki for over 24 hours (lots of flavor).  But, I LEARNED that…..


We are not talking just a little flame, we are talking 3-4 foot flames that don’t go out even when we dumped water on them *sigh* I have to admit that’s the first time I’ve ever set our grill like ON FIRE!

I sadly had to toss out ALL THE MEAT and go shopping ALL over again (Dinner Impossible Style) with only 45 minutes to spare.  Luckily it all worked out and everyone pretended to LOVE my charcoaled tri tip that they wouldn’t let me toss out LOL.  The Husband just can’t let go of his tri tip even if it’s burnt to a crisp LOL.

I can laugh now, but, I probably wasn’t the most pleasant person this evening :D

Moving on…….the rest of today was FUN!

I really, really, wanted a Starbuck’s this morning, but, figured I should save my points for our July 4th BBQ.  I whipped up a Mock~ a ~ Latte by mixing 1 cup of fat free milk with ice & decaf French Roast and a little caramel drizzle :D (2 pts)


Since I didn’t really eat breakfast, I was STARVING by the time lunch rolled around.

Have you all ever heard of Quizno’s “Toasty Bullets?  They look and sound a lot simpler than their regular sandwiches and after checking out the nutritionals I thought, why not, it’s less than 400 calories. 


I LOVE that they are fortifying their breads and spreads to make them better for you.

I picked the Turkey Pesto for only $3, but, I am not sure it was worth 7 points.


I paired it with their Pan Asian Salad which is this sad looking salad.  The dressing they use is just ok, but, I guess it’s what you get for $2? (2 pts)


Mid afternoon snackage was FREAKIN’ AWESOME if I do say so myself :D  Recipe and details coming tomorrow as part of my Summer of POM series.


After whipping up our appetizers and salad, I thought it would be REALLY COOL to set everything on the grill on fire :(  I guess, at least I learned……

After running to the store to re-buy all our meats, I figured I deserved a drink ;)

New to me Izze flavor ~ Blackberry!  MMMMMM ~ I LOVE these!!!


It’s one of the few drinks I am willing to spend points on drinking. (3 pts)


I can see I had a little I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE when I plated/took pictures of dinner tonight ~ oops :D  I am better now though…promise ;)

2nd Tri-Tip of the Night made with Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce & a Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage (5 pts)


A super secret salad to be revealed tomorrow too :D


Corniness! (1 pt)


Plus Watermelon x’s 2 (1 pt)


Dessert came from one of my FAVORITE Weight Watcher Cookbooks ~ Best Ever Desserts!


Very Lemony Pudding Cakes!


These little 4 point treats would be AWESOME topped with fresh berries or even a fresh berry sauce.

Very Lemony Pudding Cake

The texture is really light and creamy, but, rich like a lemon cheesecake.


MMMMM…..A perfect ending!

Get ready for round TWO tomorrow of the Summer of POM Recipe Series!

Time for *FIRE*WORKS*!!!

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