What makes a good sandwich?

by DanicasDaily on February 12, 2011

Happy Saturday all!  I totally LOVE that you all share the same addiction to The Food Network that I do….It’s good to know I am not alone in my ability to be completely content watching people cook all day long.  It just never gets old..maybe that is just another reason I write about food for you all too LOL.

If you thought last weekend was busy, this weekend is even crazier. I honestly do not think we have ANY down time scheduled.

Breakfast was a quick Eggwich on the go ~ 2 slices of TJ’s FF Multi-Grain Bread, 1 “fried” egg and 1 tsp whipped butter (6 points+)


Plus a nectarine for good measure.


After breakfast, we headed to Starbuck’s for his “Big Gulp” and my Venti Dirty Iced Latte to sip on for our road trip. (4 points+)


We actually made good time getting to my parents house and spent the entire day cleaning up their property.  I USED to LOVE Pine Trees until I had to pick up about 50 billion pine needles and branches.  I might LOVE them again some day when I am not doing yard work ;)

I refueled at noon with a banana and lots of water.


Then, we finally sat down for another AMAZING lunch.  My mom always has the BEST sandwich makings on hand.


* 2 slices 100% Stone Ground Wheat

* Mustard

* 2 oz Brown Sugar Ham

* 2% Swiss Cheese

* Lettuce, tomato, pickle, pepperoncini’s

8 Points+ and it totally hit to spot with some Lay’s Mesquite BBQ chips (4 points+)  I may have had a few more than I needed but I earned it with hours of manual labor ;)


Is it funny that my mom puts a big knife on the table so I can cut my sandwich diagonally? :D


After working our booties off, we headed home where I only had a few minutes to grab a quick dinner.  My dinner was pretty random but it totally hit the spot and I think was better for me than picking up take out somewhere.

Leftover grilled veggies on top of Cilantro Lime Rice (7 points+)


Plus Corn (2 points+)


Dessert!  I am actually kinda sad this is the last of the melon….


After gobbling up dinner, I headed over to help out with my nieces slumber party.  I seriously want to have as much energy as all these 10 year old girls.  MOVIE TIME!




What makes a good sandwich?

I LOVE any sandwich that has AVOCADO and CHEESE, but, I am a big fan of good bread and crunchy veggies too.

Night all!

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