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by DanicasDaily on November 7, 2012

Happy Wednesday all!  I missed chatting with you all too much to just put up another recipe or giveaway post…..As fun as it was sharing the “Whole Pumpkin” recipes, I needed to share my daily today because everything was just so incredibly tasty. 

The first thing I did this morning was hop on the treadmill to get my run on.  I had originally planned my 28 minutes of straight jogging.  However, as I was running, I was like “What’s 2 minutes? I can do anything for 2 minutes!”  And I did just that ~ I pushed to jog 30 minutes without stopping for any walking breaks & throwing in a few sprints reaching the first goal in my running series. 

My reward…..this Trader Joe’s Pumpkin 0% Greek Yogurt I’ve had in the fridge for a few weeks now.


I love that there is real pumpkin in the cup.


If you eat only half the container, it’s only 2 points+ (SF + 1 WPA).


One of the reasons I love Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurts is because they are always thick and super creamy passing the “spoon” test every single time.


Since I was feeling fall like, I decided to top my pumpkin yogurt with a little Nature’s Box Cherry Berry Granola.


1/3 cup = 3 points+ or better yet, 2 Tbsp = 1 points+


The verdict ~ I am completely IN LOVE with TJ’s Pumpkin Greek Yogurt.  It has the perfect balance of pumpkin and spice without being overpowered by spice.  My favorite part was finding little pieces of the coconutty, almond granola. This mix is awesome because it has great texture from the dried cherries and you get huge whole nuts with each coconut flavored piece of granola.

SF + 2 WPA, 3 points+


As I snacked on my yogurt, I dove into our Farm Fresh To You Box for this week.


The organic veggies in this week’s box ~ Leek, Fennel, Avocado, Carrots, Greens, Broccoli and Kabocha Squash.


The Fruit ~ Oranges, Apples and the best grapes I’ve had all year.  I have a feeling between The Husband and I these grapes will not last more than a day.


Quite possibly the hugest fennel I’ve ever seen….now, if I only liked it Winking smile  I might try making more homemade turkey sausage using it.


I am not sure how I will use everything else just yet other than the Greens are going to be sautéed with onions & garlic and I plan on pouring the Navy Bean & Ham soup over them.

Lunch involved my last Delicata Squash ~ I must find more of it.  For those wondering, the flavor is like a cross between a sweet potato & butternut squash.


I sautéed it in a little olive oil with garlic, onion, red bell pepper, kale and my last Turkey Apple Sausage from the freezer.


Buttery, sweet, spicy, salty….my entire plate is 100% Simply Filling or 4 points+ and delicious.


My afternoon snack never quite made it in front of the camera.  I had a bunch of our new grapes with a Sargento Low-Fat Sharp Cheddar cheese stick. (SF) – 2 points+.

My November K-Cup Ambassador Promotion arrived in the mail today and it is all about “Escaping” for the holidays and finding time for yourself.


All Café Escape Flavors are 70 calories or less and 2 points+ each.


That’s a pretty good way to escape the hustle & bustle of the holidays while saving on dessert calories by having a 2 points+ Milk or Dark Chocolate, Chai Latte, Café Caramel, Vanilla or Mocha instead.

All Café Escape Products are currently on sale, but, this month’s promotional code gives you all an additional 15% off all Café Escape Products.  Just enter “ESCAPE8128” when you check out.  This code is good from November 8th until December 4th.


Dinner tonight involved this 15 bean mixture I picked up at Trader Joe’s. 


After soaking the beans overnight, I added a smoke ham shank with fresh thyme & bay leaves before covering the mixture with water & boiling for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I added onion, celery & carrots during the last 30 minutes.


Then, finished the soup by adding in the ham, a little brown sugar, hot sauce and a little fresh parsley. 

Totally worth the wait ~ sweet, smoky, spicy comfort in a bowl.  This soup is packed with smoky ham, beans and vegetables that will satisfy any appetite on a cold winter day. 

I plan serving my Smoky Ham & Beans over Sweet Collard Greens tomorrow.  Recipe coming up later this week.

100% Simply Filling or 4 points+ per heaping 1 cup serving.


I am snacking on a 1/4 cup of Nature’s Box Anti-Oxidant Boost for dessert.  I am totally in love with those little dark chocolate stars I used to get as a little kid.  This mix is salty, crunchy, sweet, tangy and chewy.  (SF+4 WPA) – 4 points+


I finally exceeded my Active Link Challenge on Week 9!  I definitely think that one of the reasons for my successful weight loss was due to my increase in activity and making sure I moved more every single day.  I walked everywhere I could instead of driving even if it was just to grab a latte or drop something off at the post office.


Of course, AL always has to give you something else to think about to work on…baby steps! Winking smile


STATS (12am – pm)

  • 2,368 calories burned
  • 8,973 steps taken
  • 6 WPA used, 23 WPA remaining, (17 daily points+)
  • AL – 106%, 6 Activity Points Earned


What would you do with the ingredients I received in my Farm Box?  Any great recipes to share?

Night all!

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