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by DanicasDaily on May 5, 2012

Happy Weekend all!  Today is the day I have been waiting for ALL winter long….It was the first day of the Farmer’s Market that I love visiting more than any other.  I totally scored with some delicious summer produce already.

We picked up organic strawberries, blueberries, cherries and more.  As soon as we returned home, we shared an entire basket of the most delicious strawberries we have had this year.


Rounded out with a little “protein” ~ 3 slices Trader Joe’s Peppered Turkey Bacon (3 points+)


We also ended up eating almost all the blueberries too ~ I am so glad the “fruit drought” is over LOL.


After spending the morning doing laundry, cleaning house, planning our meals and stocking up for the week, we headed out to Panera for lunch before shopping.

Pick 2 ~ I went for everything I have been craving.

Classic Salad sans the raw red onions topped with reduced fat Balsamic Vinaigrette (2 points+)


Whole Grain Baguette (5 points+)


All together with the BEST Mac & Cheese you will ever eat.  It comes in at 12 points+ but it’s so cheesy and creamy ~ it’s like every noodle is filled with a “bucket” of cheese.  I balance it out with a lighter salad by going with the 80 Calorie Classic Salad.


I have yet to find cute black and brown sandals to wear for work that are comfortable.  I feel like all the styles that are cute are wayyyy uncomfortable and all the ones that are comfortable are not cute.  Does that make sense?

After unsuccessful searching 5 stores, I gave up and we headed over to Starbuck’s for a pick me up.  I actually thought I’d get one of the half price frappucino’s, but, really all I wanted was an iced coffee with 2 pumps mocha & a splash of half & half (2 points+).


The Husband picked out dinner by asking if there was any way I could take that BBQ Buffalo Chicken Salad and put it in a wrap.  I have to say, he is pretty darn smart ~ this BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wrap is crunchy, spicy, sweet and just plain delicious.

While I cooked a few pieces of Trader Joe’s Crispy Chicken (you could totally use Morning Star Chick Patties for a vegetarian version of this)……

I drizzled a real deal flour tortilla with Bolt House Light Ranch & BBQ Sauce.


Then, I added a layer of cabbage mixed with carrots, celery and green onios.


When the chicken was cooked, I sliced it and tossed it in Frank’s Hot Sauce and layered it on top.  Feel free to add stinky cheese at this point if you like.


Wrap it up and crunch away for only 8 points+!


I have had a really good Weight Watchers week this week fitting in 4 “planned” workouts and 2 days where I was on the go the entire time.  I am also leaving WPA on the table and cannot wait to weigh in.  Fingers crossed the scale shows it tomorrow!

STATS for today (12 am – 700 pm)

  • 2,544 calories burned
  • 8, 940 steps taken
  • 33 daily points+

I will be back tomorrow with my weigh in and weekly menu.  We are heading out to the House of Prime for the first time ever tomorrow night so I will give the details of that on Monday.

Night all!

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