Not So Pumpkin Ale

by DanicasDaily on November 1, 2012

Happy Friday Eve all!  I wish all of you could’ve come with us to Santana Row and more importantly, to meet Barefoot Contessa in a couple of weeks. It is such a cool place to visit~ I am so excited and totally counting the days down until our next trip.

This morning I was up bright and early to hop on the treadmill for a 40 minute sweat session.  I seriously love the way my days go whenever I get my workout check off my list first thing.

I was so hungry when I was done I didn’t want to “wait” for anything to cook.  Then again, it didn’t help knowing that I had Trader Joe’s Spicy Rancher Egg White Salad in the fridge either.


All Simply Filling Ingredients……


1 points+ for half or 3 points+ for the whole thing.


I put half of it on an Oroweat Honey Wheat Thin bun for a quick and spicy egg salad sandwich. (SF) – 4 points+


Rounded out with apple bites for staying power.


Happiness! Open-mouthed smile


I had originally planned on having what I imagined to be an incredibly delicious Sweet Potato Soup for lunch.  The only thing was it totally flopped and was not good at all so I went with my backup plan.

Trader Joe’s GRILLED – NOT FRIED Eggplant Parmesan.


7 points+ for the entire container and it is packed with delicious roasted eggplant, cheese and sauce.  It really does taste like it’s made from scratch and it was worth the wait cooking.


I roasted up the Golden Beets from our Farm Fresh to You Farm Box just so I could toss them on salads this week. 


Organic Mixed Greens topped with the roasted beets, POM seeds (also from our box) and parmesan.


For the dressing, I combined golden balsamic, olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  Doesn’t it look like an egg….this is before I whisked it all together.


Drizzled with my homemade dressing and roasted sesame seeds. (SF) – 1 points+


Mid afternoon I was craving something salty and crunchy so I grabbed the Sticks and Stones Mix from my Nature Box and measured out a 4 points+ ounce.


I loved eating the sesame sticks at the same time as an almond or cashew.  Totally hit the spot.


Yesterday when we were at World Market, I picked up on, yes, just one…Pumpkin Ale because I’ve never tried pumpkin beer and have the crazy need to try everything with pumpkin in it this time of year.  I totally blame it on fall.

Two tastes later…it tastes just like beer….not so pumpkin like at all.  So, I gave it to The Husband.  It is probably the ONLY pumpkin thing I will ever convince him to eat/drink. Winking smile


I wish I knew what it was about tacos, but, every single time we make them, we both are like, wow, these are so good with every single bite.

Maybe it’s the Mission Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas or the incredibly tasty Turkey Taco Meat with all the fixin’s ~ Cabot Light PepperJack Sharp Cheese, lettuce, cabbage tomato, AVOCADO…..(SF + 2 WPA) – 6 points+


I am off to relax and start reading my new book ~ A Very Good Year ~ it’s all about the making of wine from Vine to Table!


STATS (12 am – 9 pm)

  • 2,796 calories burned
  • 11,281 steps taken
  • 6 WPA used, 0 WPA remaining (22 daily points+)
  • AL – 8 activity points, 124%

Night all!

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Colleen November 2, 2012 at 7:17 am

Good Morning Danica, glad your weekend was a great one, I have a question, Is it really nessassery(sp) to put the sunflowers seed on the salads, I can not chew them and It really is heartbreaking since I can’t chew carrots, celery or nuts other than walnuts and sliced almonds, instead of sunflowers seeds could I use almond slivers? What is your thought, Please I would like your feedback! Thanks and have a great week!


DanicasDaily November 2, 2012 at 8:07 pm

Hi Colleen,

Yes, you can omit the nuts and/or substitute any other that work for you, i.e. almond slivers.

Have a great weekend,



Dottie November 2, 2012 at 7:50 am

Danica: I did WW simply filling for one week amount healthy oils included in SF?
We JUST got a Trader Joe’s here and it’s wonderful. For years I had been bringing home a few TJ items after visiting my kidults near Boston, but it’s so great having TJ available here now. At a party recently, someone brought a greek-yogurt-spinach dip/spread that was delicious and good for WW and SF. I love using TJ shaved brussels sprouts in different ways.

You inspired me to do this :-), thanks.



DanicasDaily November 2, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Dottie,

The first 2 tsp of the healthy oils count as Simply Filling. Anything beyond that you would count the points+ against your WPA.

Love Trader Joe’s! Glad you have one near you now :)



suzanne November 2, 2012 at 8:34 am

Your tacos always look great!
The sticks and stones look interesting probably good that I won’t be able to find them here :)
Dottie we’re allowed 2 tsp of healthy oils on simply filling anything over 2 you used your weekly points for.


Cassia November 2, 2012 at 8:43 am

Hi Danica,
I absolutely LOVE Trader Joe’s Egg salad! I always have in the fridge. It is great on a Lavash bread (I use Joseph’s Lavash bread in the place of tortilla) with some baby spinach rolled up… Hummmmmmm. I think I will go make me one right now, :-)
Thank you for all your ideas.
Have a great weekend.


Life's a Bowl November 2, 2012 at 11:36 am

TJ’s egg salad was my go-to dinner when I was traveling for work in September 😛 So easy, tasty, and filling!


Trevor LaRene November 3, 2012 at 7:56 am

Pumpkin Ales. Well, I have never tasted one that ever had pumpkin flavor in it. I have never brewed one that could get pumpkin flavors. At most, the commercial beers taste like beer with cinnamon in it. If you find one that actually tastes like pumpkin, please let me know. (I’ve judged hundreds, commercially produced and home-brewed, and am still looking for the one that tastes good.)


Myriah November 4, 2012 at 5:27 pm

If you want an amazingly pumpkin-like pumpkin beer, take a little drive up to the jack russel brewery in apple hill. It taste just like pumpkin not just pumpkin pie spice. I don’t know if they sell it anywhere else, but they do sell growlers and it’s very reasonably priced. Plus apple hill isn’t too far of a drive and has many other things worth going for: namely, apples.


DanicasDaily November 7, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Thanks Myriah! I need to add Jack Russel Brewery to my list of must try places. My parents live in Apple Hill and I grew up going there ~ Now, there is just one more reason to visit :)



Gail H. November 7, 2012 at 4:11 am

Another great post! I’m a wino, and I love that book! Since we don’t have any TJ’s near by here in South FL, I’d love for you to do a WW homemade version of the TJ eggsalad…pretty please :)


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