Walking tour through Bainbridge Island

by DanicasDaily on February 9, 2014

Happy Sunday all!  Thank you al for the great recommendations of things to do while in Seattle.  We ended up having a pretty big agenda and probably just as many pictures to sort through on day 2 of our Seattle visit.  We actually managed to fit most of it in before it started snowing too.  First up, we decided to take another trip to Pike’s vs. Pike for breakfast.  The Husband wanted diner food so we opted for this little whole in the wall called the Market Diner.


They have a pretty basic diner menu and their prices are pretty reasonable.  We both ended up ordering the Denver Omelet sans cheese.  I had asked our waitress if they have something other than hash browns and she said not really, just tomato slices.


She also said the tomato slices come on the omelet ~ so, I just ended up giving The Husband majority of my hash browns.  The omelet was actually pretty tasty ~ I loved their addition of mushrooms.  I skipped the toast because it honestly wasn’t worth it to me.

(SF + 2 WPA) – 8 points+


After breakfast, we headed over to catch the Ferry at the waterfront to Bainbridge Island. We were surprised it was so inexpensive to take the ferry costing $7.75 each for a round trip.


I have never been on a ferry that let’s you take your car so this was pretty cool to see.  I think next time we go, we would definitely take a car to explore the island even more.


The ferry is pretty nice inside with plenty of seating on all levels  Although, we spent most of our time on the top Sun Deck freezing and taking way too many pictures of the city.


I definitely think it’s a must see to view Seattle from the water whether you take the Ferry or a Cruise.


We were pretty lucky that it was so clear out as we were able to see all the snow on every mountain no matter which way we looked.  I really do not think my camera captured how awesome it was.


The trip only took about 30 minutes to go from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.  The Husband’s first opinion when he saw the town is it looks like a Story Book town ~ like one you only read about or see in movies.


They have a bunch of fact signs as you walk off the ferry to visit the island and on your return it’s a bunch of trivia to see what you learned about the island on your visit. Such a fun idea!


It is about a 5-10 minute walk to get to the downtown area. 


Several of the shops have “Frogs on the Rock” outside and they encourage you to look for them.  All of the frogs are decorated differently.


We made our way walking through the shops before stopping at the Bainbridge Bakery to warm up with a latte.


I had a tall (yep, they have the same sizes at Starbuck’s) nonfat latte with caramel drizzled on top.

(SF) – 3 points+


The Husband picked out a Raspberry Brioche as his snack. 


I totally expected it to be filled with raspberries, but, it’s mainly like this sweet Hawaiian bread.  I stole 1/3 of it.  So tasty! (SF + 2 WPA) – 2 points+


We decided to head down to the waterfront to check out the Waterfront Walking Trail and to see all the boats. 


They have all these little rock people all throughout the town that cracked me up whenever we saw them.  I think this one is exercising.


Guarding the harbor


Reeling in the anchor


The Unicycler


The kids..


Obviously it’s the little things that entertain me Open-mouthed smile


I imagine this is a super busy place walking along the bridge at summer.  They even have picnic tables set up along the way should you decide to grab a bite to eat on the water.


On our ferry ride back, we decided to stay inside to keep warm and snacked on our gigantic Opal Apples that we picked up at Pike Place.


Back in Seattle, we grabbed lunch at Vons 100 Spirits.


I couldn’t resist having a slice of the piping hot sour dough with olive oil and balsamic.


He ordered their simple salad


And this drool worthy burger with bacon, cheese on a homemade sour dough bun.


I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Salad sans the stinky cheese.  It was totally the Lusty Ladies (homemade sun dried tomatoes) and pickled veggies that had me intrigued.

Portobello marinated with balsamic and basil. Mixed greens, Lusty Ladies, pickled vegetables and onions.


I had visions of pickled veggies on my salad.  When I asked the waitress which veggies they were, she said she would check.  Then, she came back with a bunch of dishes. 

She said the pickled veggies on the salad are the carrots, cucumber and onion on the right, but, they serve up pickled carrots and beets so she brought me some of those and extra lusty ladies for good measure.


That definitely made this salad even better than just a grilled veggie salad.


After lunch, we took a stroll down to the Monorail Station to get see the Space Needle.


I did not realize that all the touristy attractions are in one place here ~ You can see the Glass Garden, EMP, Space Needle, Theatre, IMAX, Pacific Science Center, the Arena’s ~ seriously ~ there is so much to see and do.


The one thing I learned is if you plan on going on the Space Needle, you need to book ahead.  Go online and reserve the time you’d like to go up either in the morning or the day before.  Otherwise, you will end up waiting up to 2-3 hours.  Or, if you are visiting other exhibits, check in to the Space Needle first to reserve your time.

We were lucky only having to wait a little over an hour.  So, we walked around snapping pictures of the cool buildings and glass sculptures outside.


We ended up at the Armory, a gigantic food court, where we were able to grab a seat and stay warm until it was time to go up the Space Needle.


It only takes about a minute to go up and 41 seconds to go down the Space Needle.  Our timing was perfect because not only did we get to see the city, mountains and everything from 605 feet up, we were able to watch the sunset.


It was a little cloudy as the snow storm was rolling in, but, we still were able to see everything.  I definitely agree that going up in the Space Needle is something to do when your in Seattle.


On our way back to downtown, it started snowing like crazy.  I pretty much learned sneakers do not work great in the snow ~ what can I say, in California, we only wear snow boots when we plan to go to the snow Open-mouthed smile

We both decided to pick a place close to our hotel and headed over to the Italian Family Pizza Place.


I love that it is family owned and everyone in the place is so passionate about their food.

Their menu is pretty simple ~ It’s pizza served Brooklyn style ~ Tomato which comes with pizza sauce, a little Romano cheese, and olive oil.  Cheese is your traditional pizza and White comes with pizza sauce, mozzarella and ricotta.


We started with the salad ~ it’s huge so it’s definitely sharable.


Totally delicious ~ their homemade Italian dressing totally makes this salad good.


We were pondering sharing a large or getting two smalls when we saw someone pick up a large.  WOW ~ the pizza was seriously as big as your stove top. 

Even though we went with two small tomato pizzas, I think the smalls are huge two ~ you can definitely share just one.

My pizza was topped with mushrooms, onion, bell pepper and Italian sausage.


He topped his pizza with sausage, olives and mushrooms


A slice of my small pizza took up practically my entire 12 inch plate.  I had two slices and called it good.  Seriously delicious pizza. (SF+ 12 WPA) – 12 points+


We were like two little kids watching the snow come down from our room the rest of the night.  We were hoping it would stick enough that we could go out and make a mini snowman but fell asleep before that happened Open-mouthed smile


This my be my record breaking day on my Fitbit for Steps & Miles!


Catching up ~ Here are the posts for our Seattle Trip so far:

I am not sure what our plans will be for our last day here ~ it depends on the weather.  Either way, I’ll be back tomorrow with our final Seattle Recap.

Have a great day all!

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Carbzilla February 9, 2014 at 2:06 pm

How fun! This is like reading a travelogue of somebody else’s town. We haven’t walked into Bainbridge in so long that I haven’t even seen the frogs. (I first visited Bainbridge in 1976. They have the best 4th of July ever.)

Just for reference, we live right up the hill from the Seattle Center. Every morning I get to drive around the corner and see the Space Needle. It’s awesome.

I’m so glad you’re having a good time. That snow was a huge surprise. I thought Portland took all of ours.


Catherine Beaudet February 9, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Seriously, if you want snow, come to Ottawa. We’re at four feet on the ground (after some thaw) and we have flurries announced for tomorrow. I can’t wait until temperatures start staying above 0 Celsius.


Lucia February 9, 2014 at 11:17 pm

It looks really nice


Gail H. February 10, 2014 at 4:30 am

WOW!! What a fabulous trip so far! All I know is, you are an expert at eating out…you have given me hope that I can do it too :) And still lose weight…..


Carla February 10, 2014 at 5:58 am



carla sue February 10, 2014 at 9:11 am

You really saw alot in a short amount of time! Im glad you got over to the “other” side….You went to several of my favs , The Brooklyn and Vons! I LOVE Vons, they have so much of a selection on drinks, and the food is always great there, and they have great specials too. Thanks for the info on the Italian eatery I will put that on my list to try the next jaunt we take over across the water. Im glad you got to experience Seattle on a clear day! theres such a stigma thats its always cloudy and rainy. Have I said I LOVE my City!


Shirley person February 10, 2014 at 2:48 pm

Awesome pics, and the meals look so delicious..enjoy the rest of your stay in Seattle.


Connie February 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Just catching up on the last few days and I’m totally enjoying your trip to Seattle! I live in PA and have never ventured to the west coast. Maybe someday. I may want to go just for the food….!


karen mcbrayer February 10, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Enjoying the pictorial of your Seattle stay – makes me want to visit again.
P.S. made your Split Pea w/ham – it was delicious.


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